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Form 941 due (Employer’s Qtly Federal Tax Return)

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As Restrictions Lift and Summer Approaches, Will Employees Take Their Vacation Time?

Namely, the leading HR platform for mid-sized companies, having recently analyzed aggregated data from its popular time and attendance management functionality, today released its findings regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on "paid time off" (PTO) requests. 


What Happens When Payday Falls on a Holiday or Weekend?

Your employees love when payday comes around. I mean, who doesn’t? For every organization, payroll compensation distribution must be on time for employees to receive their wages. Yet, what happens when payday falls on a holiday or weekend?

Whether you pay your employees weekly,
biweekly, monthly, or semimonthly, odds are your company’s scheduled payday might land on a bank holiday or weekend sooner or later. Should that happen, don’t panic—you have options. We’ll break down all the payroll holiday rules below so you can navigate holiday and weekend paydays with ease.

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Employees taking advantage of their company's education stipend

4 Reasons to Offer Employees an Education Stipend

Learning new things is one of the best ways we can grow—both as individuals and professionals. Just as teachers encourage their students to learn new things, managers should encourage their direct reports to do the same. But while most companies want their employees to pick up new skills, few actually invest in professional growth.

Your Guide to Deciding Who to Recall From Furloughs or Layoffs

Deciding which employees to return to the workplace following a furlough or temporary layoff, and in what order you’ll call them back, will require an individualized analysis for each organization. For those who aren’t sure where to start, we provide this as a starting point.

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Get the latest news from Namely about HR, payroll, and benefits.