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Welcome to The Team! What to Include in a New Hire Welcome Email 

A successful onboarding strategy starts as soon as new hires receive their very first email—the welcome email. The new-job jitters are real, but welcome emails help set expectations and ease first-day butterflies. Having a well-crafted welcome email immediately makes new hires feel more comfortable and helps new hires start off on the right foot with your company. Read on to learn how to write a successful welcome email and prioritize your company’s employee experience from day one:


Ask HR: Halloween Costumes at Work and More

Boo! The workplace is full of questionable (and spooky) situations. That’s what this month’s Ask HR mailbag is all about.


3 Quick and Easy Ways to Build Your Employer Brand

Today's job market is more competitive than ever before. With more job openings than candidates to fill them, candidates can be more discerning about where they choose to work.


Our Top 3 Sessions from HR Tech 2019

For over 20 years, HR Tech has connected HR and IT professionals from businesses of all sizes at its annual conference. This year, the 2019 HR Technology Conference & Expo featured 450+ vendors, saw over 10,000 attendees, and hosted over 100 informative sessions. Over the three day conference, numerous speakers shared their expert advice and predictions for the HR industry’s future.

As Namely absorbed all of the thought-provoking sessions, there was one common thread tying all of the sessions together—a focus on employee experience. Since our modern HR platform centralizes around delivering a seamless, employee-centric experience, we thoroughly enjoyed learning from some of the best in the industry. Here are our top highlights from this year’s conference:


10 Qualities Every Successful HR Professional Should Have

Human resources is not for the weak-hearted. Managing the employee experience, recruiting top talent, overseeing benefits enrollment, and processing payroll just begin to scratch the surface of an HR practitioner’s day. All of those responsibilities require a select, unique set of skills and not everyone is cut out for the job.


Disruption: The New Business Model of Successful Companies 

Disruption. Interrupting the status quo. Breaking the wheel. 

Our team recently attended one of the largest marketing conferences on the East Coast, Inbound 2019 and wanted to share a few of the most interesting takeaways. Attracting over 24,000 marketing and media professionals from all over the world, the conference highlighted creative marketing strategies, inspirational keynote speakers, and surprisingly...HR!

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3 Reasons to Consider a Cloud-Based HR Platform

Whether you’re new to HR or a veteran, you’ve probably noticed that there’s an abundance of HR technologies out there and the landscape is continuing to grow at an exponential rate. Part of the reason for this growth has to do with the evolving workforce and the need for modern software to help companies keep pace.


Meet Namely: Roja Alkanti

Come payday, Roja Alkanti is every Namely employee's favorite coworker. As a payroll manager, Roja makes sure everyone is paid accurately and on time. Having spent almost four years at Namely, Roja knows all of the ins and out of processing company payroll, but she’s not a one-trick pony. Roja spent years working as a hairdresser, office admin, accounts payables, collections, and more. Luckily, she discovered a passion for payroll and has been with Namely ever since! 


Modern HR: Tracing the Profession’s Evolution

The world of human resources is changing. From artificial intelligence to human resources information systems, HR technology is not only revolutionizing the way HR professionals perform their day jobs, but also changing the very nature of that work. Only ten years ago, HR was known unaffectionately as “personnel management.”  The department was tasked with mitigating legal risks, overseeing administrative tasks and employee inquiries, and maintaining the office’s ever-growing library of personnel files.


Today's Workplace Is Mobile-First. Why Shouldn't HR Be?

From shopping for groceries to hailing a cab, there isn’t much that we don’t do on our phones. We’ve gotten used to having the world in our pockets. Well, for the most part.

Let’s face it: Between cumbersome onboarding forms, tear-off paystubs, and outdated software, human resources sometimes feels like it’s stuck in the nineties. But we know how exciting and progressive HR is when it’s paired with modern technology. And when it comes to staying relevant in today’s landscape, you need to meet employees where they are: on their phones.