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How Can a Global Crisis Benefit Remote Work Culture?

“There’s no place like home.” 

We’ve all heard the cliché, but people in today’s world actually seem to mean it. Whether they work remotely or love to shop online from the comfort of their own couch rather than in store, people embrace the sentiment more now than ever before. 

How the SECURE Act Makes Offering a Retirement Plan More Affordable

It’s likely difficult for any of us to remember what life was like back in December 2019, never-the-less what legislation was passed. But on December 20, 2019, perhaps the most impactful retirement plan security legislation in decades was signed into law.

The Setting Every Company Up for Retirement Enhancement Act (SECURE Act) is intended to make retirement plans more accessible and affordable and ultimately bridge the huge savings gap by encouraging more Americans to contribute.

Upholding Company Culture & Values During a Crisis: Why Leadership Matters

It seems like every day in 2020, we are bombarded with troubling news—from a global pandemic to racial injustice and police violence. As a result, many of your employees are likely filled with worry and uncertainty about the future.

As Restrictions Lift and Summer Approaches, Will Employees Take Their Vacation Time?

Namely, the leading HR platform for mid-sized companies, having recently analyzed aggregated data from its popular time and attendance management functionality, today released its findings regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on "paid time off" (PTO) requests. 

Crisis Management: Small Business Tips for COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, the current business market is in upheaval. Customers are staying home, and businesses are forced to adapt their organizations on a daily basis. In particular, this pandemic has taken a significant toll on small businesses—especially those that are dependent on local foot traffic.

How Software Developers Feel About Returning to the Office

Over the past three months, much of the workforce shifted to a remote work environment in accordance with social distancing recommendations. As some states start to see Covid-19 cases plateau, quarantine restrictions have started to loosen. Companies now need to decide not only when to reopen their offices, but also how to do so safely and effectively.

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Remote Learning & Development

4 Meaningful Ways To Support Your Company’s Learning Culture During COVID-19

As so many of your employees finally settle into their new work-from-home routine, some of your company’s old learning habits may have to adapt, too. 

In a traditional workplace, a lot of learning happens organically in the halls and over lunch—and with employees more distanced from each other these days, you’re probably going to wonder why it seems like employees know less about what’s going on in your company, your product, or their own career development. 

How Remote Tech is Helping Companies Transition to a New Normal

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has drastically impacted the way many of us do business. Thousands of people have been forced to adapt to a work from home routine, while many are forced to go into work every day as essential employees, and others face unemployment. 

Return to Work Survey Results

Survey Results: How HR is Preparing to Return to the Physical Office in the Wake of COVID-19

As states begin to loosen their Coronavirus social distancing restrictions and stay-at-home-orders, workplaces are beginning to discuss what going back to work will look like. To learn just how businesses are tackling this new challenge, we surveyed companies of all sizes and industries. 

Best Practices for Internal Comms During A Crisis

Best Practices for Internal Communication During a Crisis

Internal communication needs to be steadfast and strong for companies to work effectively. And when a crisis strikes, letting staff know what is happening around the world and how it will be affecting them in the workplace needs to be a priority.