Namely’s HR Resolutions: How to Optimize Your Workforce After Layoffs
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2023 HR Resolutions Survey: The Results Are In!

As we set out to create our own resolutions for 2023, the Namely team wanted to get a feel for which HR initiatives other businesses were prioritizing in the new year. We decided to conduct a survey on 2023 HR Resolutions, and the results are in!

The results provided us invaluable insight as to how we might be able to support business leaders to attain their ambitions for the new year, and how Namely can support them.

The Surveys

We created two surveys: a Typeform and a LinkedIn poll. 

The Typeform survey consisted of two questions that focused on HR priorities and the rest of the questions focused on company demographics (i.e., business size, industry, and workforce type). The questions were as follows:

1. As we head into the new year, what are your top HR resolutions?

  • Build a winning company culture and employee experience
  • Enhance employee engagement strategies
  • Revamp and promote the benefits program
  • Prevent burnout and quiet quitting
  • Promote leadership and skill development
  • Stay ahead of compliance updates
  • Strengthen employee-manager relationships
  • Implement productivity tracking
  • Uplevel the onboarding experience
  • Build a culture of feedback
  • Combat the talent shortage
  • Perfect hybrid work
  • Prioritize employee mental health 
  • Boost payroll efficiency and accuracy
  • Implement new DEI initiatives
  • Optimize the workforce

2. Please rank your HR priorities for 2023.

  • Enhance company culture
  • Revamp HR processes
  • Develop leadership and upskilling employees
  • Optimize your workforce

The LinkedIn poll asked: What is your HR team’s top priority for 2023? The following four response options were available:

  • Revamp HR processes
  • Enhance company culture
  • Develop leadership and employees
  • Optimize your workforce

The Results

Typeform Results

For Question #1 (“As we head into the new year, what are your top HR resolutions?”), the top three HR resolutions for the new year are (1) building a winning company culture and employee experience, (2) enhancing employee engagement strategies, and (3) revamping and promoting the benefits program.

Of the four core HR priorities listed, “enhance company culture” was the top choice for 2023. 


  • 54.5 percent of our respondents identified as hybrid workplaces. 
  • 45.5 percent of our respondents are small businesses with 1-50 employees and 36.4% are mid-sized businesses with 101-500 employees. 
  • Industries included healthcare, technology, finance and insurance, nonprofit, retail, manufacturing, construction, and staffing.

LinkedIn Results

Of the four options for HR top priorities, leadership and employee development was the number one HR priority for the new year, and enhancing company culture was a close second.

 What Does This Mean for Employers?    

While these results may be more applicable in certain industries, the purpose was to serve businesses with more meaningful information, tools, and resources in the new year. As a result of our surveys, here are some of our insights, recommendations, and additional resources for you.

1. Build a winning company culture and employee experience.

Your business may have undergone some significant organizational changes that have left your employees feeling uncertain about their fate with the company. Other changes may have been more along the lines of boosting your business ecosystem. Whatever it may be, many businesses are focused on building a winning company culture and employee experience that helps optimize your workforce after layoffs.

Following the Great Resignation and the employee retention struggle, it makes sense why businesses are honing in on their overall company culture and promoting positive employee experiences. Learn more about combatting shift shock, the power of active listening, and tips to develop a culture that aligns with your values.

Produce a culture of top talent that is founded on resilience, ambition, and passion for your company.

2. Enhance employee engagement strategies.

Employee engagement can be seen as a gateway to employee retention. Like most things, employee engagement is closely linked to the overall company culture. Creating a career path for employees, including purposeful work and growth opportunities, is integral to establishing healthier engagement.

A Gallup report stated that only one-third of employees are engaged. This could result from the lack of connection to the organization’s mission and purpose, thus decreasing their incentive to advocate your brand, build lasting customer relationships, and commit to increasing sales and profitability.

A great first step in enhancing employee engagement strategies is to remain up to date on the latest workplace trends. From boosting employee engagement in remote environments to building effective training and development programs, you can take the reins.

2. Revamp and promote your benefits program. 

Benefits are frequently a topic employees want more information and guidance on, yet it’s also easy for benefits to get lost in translation. So how can you revamp and promote your benefits program in a simple, enticing way?

First, you need to build a benefits package that attracts and retains your employees. Explore voluntary benefits and trending benefits in today’s job market. What are the benefits that candidates consider non-negotiable (i.e. paid parental leave, unlimited PTO)? Are those benefits currently in your offerings?

Next, determine how your company may change. Is your business growing? Or are you downsizing? Which benefits are worthwhile to keep? Are there any benefits your current employees aren’t using? Delve into what is working and what isn’t working with your employees, and adjust your benefits package accordingly.

Finally, promoting your benefits program is all about overcommunicating and ensuring you have the resources to support your employees. For example, host informational webinars that provide your employees with a high-level overview of the benefits available, how to use them, and field any questions they might have about them. Another way to support your employees is streamlining your benefits enrollment process. If you’re doing paper applications, perhaps now is the time to switch to online benefits enrollment. Or maybe explore managed benefits services.

Approaching a new year and setting fresh goals can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for some ways to strengthen leadership development and upskill your employees, Namely has the resources for you!

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