Introducing the Namely + Slack Integration

Introducing the Namely + Slack Integration

Creating a standout culture and employee experience is top of mind for HR professionals worldwide. With so many workforces operating remotely, organizations are challenged with ways to bring teams together—which is why it’s more important than ever to empower leadership and employees with channels of communication to keep others informed and engaged.

Here at Namely, we aim to streamline mid-size companies’ core business functions and take the employee experience to the next level with our modern, intuitive technology. Namely’s integration with Slack does exactly that. 

The average employee already spends at least 90 minutes a day in Slack. This new integration seamlessly connects Namely to the messaging platform, increasing efficiencies for Namely clients while also driving a more collaborative culture.

What Can You Do With the Namely and Slack Integration?

While email remains an essential communication tool for businesses today, it’s certainly not the fastest channel, and it increases the chance of important information being missed. Messaging platforms such as Slack ensure real-time delivery and a higher likelihood of engagement with reactions and replies. 

Read on for ways to take advantage of the Namely and Slack integration for your business.

Make Instant Company Announcements

slack integration - Make Instant Company Announcements

In addition to sending a company-wide email, Namely users (with the proper permissions) can post announcements to a Slack channel, too–increasing visibility and participation in the latest developments.

Enable Team Members to Recognize Each Other

slack integration - Enable Team Members to Recognize Each Other

Nothing says “Thank you” like a coworker showing their appreciation for your great work. Now, when users recognize other employees on the newsfeed, the post will also be visible in Slack.

Celebrate Important Employee Milestones

Company anniversaries deserve to be celebrated. Showcase these milestones on the newsfeed and in Slack for everyone to see!

Make New Hires Feel Welcome

Enhance your onboarding experience by showcasing new arrivals in the Namely newsfeed and in a Slack channel–kickstarting the welcome process on day one.

We’re just getting started! Keep an eye out for even more additions to the Namely and Slack integration as we continue to unify essential business systems and drive even more Namely user adoption and employee self-service.

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