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How Companies Can Support Non-Binary Employees

The definition of gender is evolving beyond just male and female. As of 2016, 1.4 million Americans self-identify as transgender, meaning their gender identity differs from their birth sex. Today, an increasing number of people are acknowledging genders outside of the traditional male and female binary. In fact, 50 percent of millennials believe gender is a spectrum. But how is the workplace supporting non-binary employees?

How to Build a Performance Management Program that Works

The field of human resources is changing. In our HR Redefined series, we give innovators a medium to share personal reflections, professional advice, and best practice guidance.

How to Take the Headache Out of New Hire Paperwork

While you can’t always help new hires avoid first-day jitters, there are steps you can take to ensure that their first few days are smooth sailing. Office tours, free swag, and team lunches are great ways to welcome new faces, but ensuring new employees get paid on time, enroll in benefits, and have a seamless transition to their new role has a larger impact. Unfortunately, while that transition comes with paperwork and filing, don’t fret. We’ve rounded up a list of all the new hire paperwork you need to collect from your employees to help take the dread out of onboarding.

How to Train Managers to Give Great Performance Reviews

Your performance management strategy may look great on paper, but its success depends entirely on execution. Because managers are the ones driving the process, their commitment is what makes your strategy a hit or miss. Their buy-in and participation are crucial to launching a strong performance management strategy and fostering a feedback-rich culture.

5 Signs You Need to Review Your Candidate Experience

To attract top talent, you need to provide a great candidate experience and leave a positive impression at every touchpoint during the recruitment process. Providing a quality candidate experience is directly related to recruitment and bottom line success. But how do you know if you’re delivering a good experience? Or, perhaps more importantly, how do you know if you need to review and improve it?

Why It Pays to Invest in Employee Engagement

If you want to know how your company is doing financially, your last employee survey might be a good place to start. Employee engagement has emerged as a business metric that can make or break other KPIs.

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Include These Five People in Your Interview Lineups

Improving candidate experience has quickly become a top priority for HR and recruiting teams across industries. Onsite interviews play a big part in leaving candidates with a lasting impression, so it’s important to give them a positive glimpse of what it’s like to work for your company.

7 HR Tips for Handling Employee Layoffs

As part of our HRreads book club, we read Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris. The dark yet humorous novel depicts a period of paranoia as a failing ad company faces employee layoffs. Though the novel reveals the anxiety and tension from the employee perspective, HR is all too familiar with the hazards and consequences of company downsizing.

IMHRO: HR Should NOT Use Social Media to Influence Personnel Decisions

Namely’s series, In My HR Opinion, brings you honest takes on the hottest HR topics and trends, straight from industry leaders.

Should HR Use Social Media in Hiring and Firing Decisions?

The digital world has led to widespread uncertainty about what information is considered private or public. From Facebook’s use of personal information, to the woman who was fired for flipping off the presidential motorcade, what was once considered off-limits information is now having its moment in the public eye.