What is an eNPS Score?

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a metric used by companies to gauge employee satisfaction with their employment experience. The metric is derived from Net Promoter Score, which companies use to calculate customer satisfaction with their product or service. In HR’s case, employees are considered the customers.

How do you calculate eNPS?

eNPS is determined by employees’ answers to one question on their engagement surveys: how likely are you to recommend your company as a great place to work? In most cases, this question is asked on a scale from 1 (wouldn’t recommend) to 5 (extremely likely to recommend). Here is the typical breakdown of each score:

  • 1-3: Detractors
  • 4: Passives
  • 5: Promoters

To calculate a company’s overall eNPS, subtract the number of Detractors from Promoters. Then, to gain better insight and collect more feedback from employees, ask specific, open-ended questions on your engagement surveys to have them elaborate on their ratings.

Why should you calculate eNPS?

Why should companies calculate eNPS in the first place? Your eNPS score will give you a top-level pulse check on overall employee satisfaction. Calculating your score will determine what percentage of your employees are currently happy and help you implement initiatives to address the pain points of those who aren’t. 

Asking your employees for their feedback will also show them that you care about their experience–which will increase the chances of them staying at your organization. In fact, 90 percent of employees would be more likely to stay at a company that takes their feedback into account. On top of that, employees are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered at work when they feel like their voice is heard. Tracking eNPS enables you to measure their engagement over time and improve retention rates in the long run.

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