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Recruiting Gen Z? Offer These Benefits

In 2020, Generation Z will make up almost 36 percent of the U.S. workforce. From embracing work from home to expecting (and demanding) workplace diversity, Gen Z is changing the way we work

With this individualistic, digitally native generation entering the labor force in droves, employers need to have a different mindset when it comes to recruiting—and retaining—their employees. 

The key to hiring and retaining Gen Z employees is not only to meet their company culture expectations, but also to offer them benefits that they value. So when it comes to crafting your benefits packages to match Gen Zers’ priorities, where do you even begin? 

A recent study conducted by Randstad US and Millennial Branding determined that 54 percent of Gen Z indicated that it is either important or extremely important for a company to offer a wellness program

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with 3 wellness benefits that will help you attract the next generation:

United We Stand, Divided We Mandate

Managing a workforce that spreads across various states is not an easy task. With federal and state laws changing left and right, it’s becoming even more challenging for multi-state employers to stay compliant. In particular, paid leave policies have evolved drastically over the years, and various states have adopted their own regulations. 

Here are 3 employee leave policies that states have adopted that could be affecting your ability to stay compliant in 2020:


3 Ways to Ease Candidates’ Interview Nerves

Whether it’s your first or final round, job interviews can be very stressful. Candidates who feel comfortable walking into interviews are usually more confident in advocating for themselves. So what is the key to easing candidates’ nerves throughout the interview process? We’ve got you covered with three ways to make the candidate experience as comfortable as possible.


How to Stay Compliant in 2020

You didn’t get into HR to stress about compliance. With several current and pending anti-harassment mandates occurring at the federal and state levels, the fight to stay compliant is more challenging now than ever before. To help you stay up to date with these changing regulations, ThinkHR’s employee attorney and compliance expert, Jill Albrecht Weimer, hosted Compliance Alert: New and Pending Anti-Harassment Laws. Here are 3 takeaways from this critical webinar that will help you prepare for compliance changes in 2020:


3 Ways to Hire and Retain The Right Talent, Faster

Employers used to have the upper hand when it came to hiring. But, with unemployment at a record low, there are now more job openings than candidates to fill them. And with employees job-hopping every few years (or not showing up at all), it’s now more important than ever for HR teams to have a strategy for every stage of the employee lifecycle. 


How to Observe Veterans Day in the Workplace

Every year, we dedicate Veterans Day to honor the men and women who risk their lives to serve our country. Whether you have many employees who served or just a few, Veterans Day is a holiday that everyone should take a moment to recognize. But how can you honor veterans and show gratitude in the office? 


Our Top 3 Sessions from HR Tech 2019

For over 20 years, HR Tech has connected HR and IT professionals from businesses of all sizes at its annual conference. This year, the 2019 HR Technology Conference & Expo featured 450+ vendors, saw over 10,000 attendees, and hosted over 100 informative sessions. Over the three day conference, numerous speakers shared their expert advice and predictions for the HR industry’s future.

As Namely absorbed all of the thought-provoking sessions, there was one common thread tying all of the sessions together—a focus on employee experience. Since our modern HR platform centralizes around delivering a seamless, employee-centric experience, we thoroughly enjoyed learning from some of the best in the industry. Here are our top highlights from this year’s conference:

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