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USCIS Prepares for E-Verify Expansion

Preparations for mandatory E-Verify are in full swing at the offices of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The electronic service cross-references an employee’s Form I-9 information with government records to confirm his or her identity and immigration status.


New Employee Onboarding: Your Checklist

“Welcome! Please be sure to sign here, here, and last but not least, here.”

There’s new hire orientation and then there’s employee onboarding—the former is a best practice, the latter is a compliance necessity. You’ll need employees to take time out of what is already a busy first day to sign documents proving who they are and how they’d like to be paid.

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The HR and Payroll Guide to Name Changes

What’s in a name? When it comes to HR and payroll, a lot. Follow these helpful tips whenever an employee goes through a legal name change.


New I-9 To Become Mandatory

The Form I-9, a hallmark of employee onboarding since the eighties, has changed. 

New Form I-9 Set for November Release

The most important new hire onboarding form is getting a makeover.


TN Passes New E-Verify Requirements

Starting next year, changes to an existing Tennessee law will require some businesses to verify an employee’s work authorization electronically.

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USCIS Extends I-9 Expiration, Proposes Future Changes

Changes to the Form I-9 may be around the corner, but the current form just got an eleventh hour reprieve from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Introducing Paperless Onboarding with eSignature

Onboarding works best when the whole company gets involved. When everyone’s in on the welcome—and when the whole process goes over smoothly—a new hire’s first few days become unforgettable. And when HR seamlessly handles the paperwork online, new employees have one less distraction when meeting the whole team.

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The Ultimate Onboarding Strategy for Startups

When your company is in high-growth mode and hiring new people rapidly, it’s easy to just welcome hires on their first day, point out where they should sit, and return to your neverending list of things to do. With that, you have essentially guaranteed high turnover in the first year of employment.