11 HR Influencers You Need to Follow

In the HR profession, it pays to keep good company. Whether you need to “phone a friend” about a workplace curveball or just want to exchange tips and tricks, maintaining a strong professional network can make all the difference in your career.

Don’t know who to connect with first? We’ll help you get started. Below we’ve highlighted some of our favorite HR influencers, their areas of expertise, and where you can find them online.

Mary Kaylor

Mary Kaylor

Where to find her: Twitter#NextchatSHRM BlogLinkedIn

About: Mary is an experienced public affairs and social community leader. She's the managing editor of the SHRM Blog and the producer of #Nextchat, a weekly Twitter chat focused around HR strategy and best practices.

Expertise: Recruiting, technology, and public relations.

Mary's Advice:

"Twitter chats are a great way for HR professionals to connect, and #Nextchat is one of them. #Nextchat attracts HR professionals from around the world and has been a catalyst for countless real life meetings and friendships over the past seven years.

I saw this firsthand at SHRM's annual conference. In June, over 60 HR professionals from across the globe met in Chicago to cover the event as part of our #SHRM18 Blog Squad. It was incredible to witness the bonds of trust and camaraderie that had been built over many months of online communication. This is the power of social media. The ability to create professional connections and lifelong friendships—and it can all start with just one tweet."


 Trish McFarlane

Where to find her: TwitterHRRingleader.comLinkedIn

About: Trish is a former HR executive with over 20 years of experience. Today, she is the CEO of H3 HR Advisors and HRevolutionize, and the co-host of the industry's most listened-to podcast, HR Happy Hour.

Expertise: Industry trends, technology, and leadership

steve browne

Steve Browne

Where to find him: Twitter, Everyday People, LinkedIn, #HRTribe.

About: Steve Browne is the executive director of HR for LaRosa's, a restaurant chain in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. He’s a strategic HR professional, lover of rock music, and a self-professed “HR Radical.”

Expertise: Employee relations, networking, and company culture


Jon Thurmond

Where to find him: Twitter, #HRSocialHourHR Social Hour Half HourLinkedIn

About: After a stint as a music teacher, Jon took a job as an HR manager at a utility construction firm. He produces the HR Social Hour Half Hour podcast and hosts the #HRSocialHour chat on Twitter.

Expertise: Social media, networking, and career coaching

Wendy Dailey

Where to find her: Twitter#HRSocialHourLinkedIn

About: Wendy has over 20 years of HR experience at both small and large companies. She’s a strong advocate of social media engagement, a leading representative of SHRM’s “Blog Squad,” and the co-host of the #HRSocialHour twitter chat and podcast.

Expertise: Strategic planning, talent acquisition, and social media

JazmineJazmine Wilkes

Where to find her: TwitterHR Jazzy BlogLinkedIn

About: Jazmine Wilkes is an Alabama-based HR professional, blogger, and speaker. “HR Jazzy” has a passion for creating an environment that’s welcoming to both emerging and established professionals. She was recently featured on the Namely Blog.

Expertise: Talent management, employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion


georgeGeorge LaRocque

Where to find him: Twitter #HRWins, LinkedIn

About: George is an industry analyst and advisor. Author of the #HRwins reports on HR tech innovation, he consults businesses on the state of the HCM marketplace. With over 20 years of management experience, he has helped launch multiple technology brands to profitability.

HR technology, artificial intelligence, and industry trends

Jennifer McClure

Where to find her: TwitterUnbridled TalentLinkedIn

About: Jennifer McClure is a full-time professional speaker and business advisor. She helps leaders embrace the future of work and leverage their influence to create positive, lasting change at their organizations.

Expertise: Industry news, leadership, and talent strategy

Laurie Ruettimann

Where to find her: TwitterLet's Fix WorkLinkedIn

About: Laurie Ruettimann is an HR leader turned writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. She's known for her commonsense style and straightforward approach to workplace issues. She keynotes events around the world and hosts a popular HR podcast called Let’s Fix Work.

Expertise: Workplace issues, leadership, and employee engagement

Sharlyn Lauby

Where to find her: TwitterHR BartenderLinkedIn

About: Sharlyn Lauby is an HR professional turned consultant. She’s the author of the very popular HR Bartender blog and president of ITM Group Inc., a Florida-based HR training and consulting firm. 

Expertise: Development, employee relations, and job design

Steve Boese

Where to find him: TwitterSteve Boese's HR TechnologyLinkedIn

About: Steve is the co-chair of the HR Technology Conference and Exposition, the world's largest gathering of HR tech leaders. He is the editor of Human Resource Executive magazine and the co-host of the HR Happy Hour podcast.

Expertise: Technology, talent management, and industry trends


Those are just some of the HR influencers and all stars worth following on the web. Eager to join the conversation? Keep tabs on SHRM's #Nextchat and all of the other great hashtags we mentioned to connect and exchange ideas with other professionals. Don't forget to also follow Namely on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

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