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What Is ‘Volunteer Time Off?’

With unemployment at record lows, companies are looking for innovative ways to attract top talent and stand out from the competition. While paid time off (PTO), family leave, and even sabbatical have all been touted as game-changing perks, there’s one workplace benefit that both helps employees disconnect and serves a greater purpose. In addition to traditional vacation days, many companies are now offering volunteer time off (VTO).


6 Reasons to Prioritize Corporate Social Responsibility

In an era where both employees and consumers are giving more weight than ever to a company’s mission and ethics, corporate social responsibility has become a staple of modern company culture. Between paid “VTO” or volunteer time off, team volunteer days, and company-wide fundraisers, employees have come to expect a level of support for their charitable initiatives.


4 Voluntary Benefits to Consider

Spring has arrived. Though it still feels like January in the northeast, we have finally reached the time when HR teams and benefits administrators can breathe a collective sigh of relief.


The Top 4 Benefits Trends of 2017

It’s bright and early Monday morning -- too early for anything to go wrong just yet. Or so you thought. But as soon as you dive into your emails, you find that another employee has sent in his resignation.


How Employers Can Attract and Retain Talent—With Zero Cost

Faced with tight budgets and the pressure to control costs, HR teams need creative ways to attract and retain a diverse workforce. According to EBRI, 77% of workers say that benefits package is an important factor in the decision to accept or reject a job.  Candidates and employees are both looking for a more extensive and holistic benefits package from employers. In fact, according to Mercer, 63% of employees say that benefits are one of the main reasons they work where they do.