Rob LaHayne

Rob LaHayne

Rob LaHayne is Vice President of Employee Benefits at Namely. With over 10 years of experience in the employee benefits industry, his specialties include enrollment services, benefits design strategies, and employee engagement. Connect with him and the Namely team on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Recent Articles


4 Voluntary Benefits to Consider

Spring has arrived. Though it still feels like January in the northeast, we have finally reached the time when HR teams and benefits administrators can breathe a collective sigh of relief.


The Top 4 Benefits Trends of 2017

It’s bright and early Monday morning -- too early for anything to go wrong just yet. Or so you thought. But as soon as you dive into your emails, you find that another employee has sent in his resignation.


3 Ways to Better Manage Employee Benefits

As a benefits professional, I frequently stumble across industry studies and insights that emphasize the critical role of employee benefits in the workplace. Whether the suggested strategies center on offering more affordable benefits or more variety, they all lead back to the overall impact of employee benefits on recruiting, retention, and satisfaction. 


ACA’s Post-Election Future Remains Murky

With November’s election results, America has chosen its next president. Republicans will take control of the presidency and retain a majority stake in Congress.


How Employers Can Attract and Retain Talent—With Zero Cost

Faced with tight budgets and the pressure to control costs, HR teams need creative ways to attract and retain a diverse workforce. According to EBRI, 77% of workers say that benefits package is an important factor in the decision to accept or reject a job.  Candidates and employees are both looking for a more extensive and holistic benefits package from employers. In fact, according to Mercer, 63% of employees say that benefits are one of the main reasons they work where they do.  


Alternative Funding: How To Curb The Cost of Healthcare

In today’s competitive hiring environment, companies constantly need to find inventive new ways to attract and retain top talent. Companies boasting remodeled work environments, flexible PTO policies, offices fully equipped with bars, gyms, nap pods, and yoga rooms, have challenged employers to find new ways to attract top talent.


Introducing the Namely Exchange in Collaboration with Cigna

Today, Namely has launched a new employee benefits solution—the Namely Exchange in collaboration with Cigna—to offer mid-sized companies and their employees more flexibility and choice in their employee benefits. We first built Namely Benefits to deliver a better benefits experience for HR teams and the people they serve. Now, with Namely’s technology and quality plans from Cigna, the Namely Exchange is a simple way to offer better, more personalized employee benefits. That means happier, healthier employees—what we believe truly makes for a successful company.


How Better Benefits Put All the Pieces Together

Last week, I read a blog written by a very respected employee benefits broker. The broker was sharing his thoughts on the emergence of technology companies in the traditional services space of employee benefits brokering. The tone of the blog was that there is no replacement for valuable advice when it comes to employee benefits plans. Furthermore, he went on to say technology vendors trying to compete in this space will go by the wayside when their novelty wears off and the employer has trouble obtaining the good advice they’ve come to expect from an insurance broker.

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