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Not Sure What Employee Benefits to Offer? Just Ask.

When it comes to employee benefits, there’s a seemingly never-ending list of perks your company can offer. Aside from the standard health, dental, and vision offerings, some companies go the extra mile to please employees with free snacks, paid sabbaticals, wellness incentives, and even reimbursements for tattoos. But what use are these flashy perks if none of your employees use them? 

If you’re looking to introduce new voluntary benefits at your organization, you’ll want to be sure you’re investing in something your employees want, need, and will use. So, what’s the best way to figure out what your employees need? Ask them! 

Send out a short workplace benefits survey to get a pulse on what your employees value and where additional benefits could add value. To get you started, here’s a sample voluntary benefits survey you can use to gauge employee interest in specific offerings:


Start by collecting information on employee demographics (age, gender, etc.) that will help you drill down into the results later.

Medical Enrollment

Get a feel for which employees are or are not currently enrolled in your medical coverage.


You can also use the survey to gauge your employees’ understanding of your current offerings with questions like, “How many complimentary dental cleanings are you permitted per year under our plan?” Employee responses could help you understand what areas of your plan you need to educate employees on.

Life Insurance

Here you can get a vibe of what percentage of your company invests in life insurance outside of your company-sponsored plan (if applicable), or you can see how many employees could stand to benefit from you offering the insurance.

Financial Wellness

Get a sense of how savvy your employees are with money. If a lot of your younger employees report they have student loans, consider offering a student loan or tuition reimbursement benefit, to help alleviate the burden of continuing their education. Additionally, if your employees seem to be stressed when it comes to saving money, you might want to introduce an ongoing financial wellness education series or educate employees on your 401(k) match program. 

Family Planning

There are a myriad of family-related benefits your company could offer employees. From fertility treatments to parental leave, your company could help parents afford the treatments they need and help subsidize care once the child is born.

External Stressors

Remember, the average employee probably isn’t as knowledgeable about voluntary benefits as you and your team are, so sometimes asking straightforward questions like the ones above will only get so far. Try asking a few open-ended questions like, “What stresses you outside of work?” to get more insight around what benefits can help give your employees peace of mind both inside and outside of the office.

A strong benefits package is a key factor in recruiting and retaining top talent. Catering the package to your employees’ wants and needs will ensure they feel valued at your company. Customizing your offerings based on employee suggestions will ensure your selections strike a chord with your employees and have the largest impact on their lives. 

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