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New York Bans Salary History Questions

Parades are known for a lot of things, not to mention confetti, marching bands, and floats. But employment law?

At a recent celebration honoring the U.S. women’s national team, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a new state law banning salary history questions during the interview process. The law comes bundled with other changes, including an expansion of the state’s existing equal pay rules.


Vermont Bans Salary History Questions

In the Green Mountain State, some questions are better left unasked. Beginning July 1, Vermont employers can no longer ask job candidates to share their salary history. Governor Phil Scott signed Bill H. 294 on May 11 after it passed unanimously through the state’s House of Representatives and Senate.


Companies are Still Asking for Salary History During Job Interviews

PayScale’s annual Compensation Best Practices Report showed that the salary history question is still popular among hiring managers. Almost as many organizations said that they “always ask” candidates about prior pay as “never ask.”


Salary History Questions Face Legal Trouble


Key Takeaways: 

  • A new Massachusetts law bans recruiters from asking about salary history.
  • New York City is weighing a similar measure.
  • A California bill, if signed by Governor Jerry Brown, will make it unlawful for employers to use salary history when determining or justifying compensation. 
  • A proposal for a nationwide ban has also been introduced in Congress.