Meet the Judges for the 2018 Namely HR Scholarship


Please join us in congratulating the grand prize winner and four runners-up of the 2018 Namely HR Scholarship. We invite you to meet the three HR thought leaders that comprised our expert judging panel.


Kelly Rew-Porter


Kelly Rew-Porter leads the People Services team at Equinox, and oversees employee relations, talent management, recruitment, compensation and benefits, internal communications, workplace culture, and engagement. The ultimate intention of the People Services team is to serve and empower Equinox’s 16,000 team members to change lives.


His understanding of employee development comes from his extensive experience in HR and operational roles, which gives him a unique perspective on the impact that people can have when they work towards a shared mission and purpose. With a B.A. in English and industrial psychology and M.A. in servant leadership, it’s no surprise that Kelly eventually found his calling in HR leadership. Kelly also co-founded a non-profit, eventually winning a Jefferson Award for community service.


For Kelly, it’s not about the size of the company or the industry—it’s about the mission and purpose of the organization. At Equinox, his personal and professional vocations are in perfect alignment with opportunities to create the possibility for people to maximize the potential within themselves.

Debra Squyres


As Namely’s Chief Client Officer, Debra serves as the voice of the client throughout all of Namely, infusing their perspective in decisions, processes and strategies. She works to ensure a holistic client experience and drive a highly engaged client base through advocacy and brand loyalty initiatives.


Debra joined Namely in 2015, and has over 25 years of experience in senior leadership roles in human resources, ranging from in-house leadership to consulting, outsourcing, and client services and success. Debra holds an M.A. in business administration in human resources from the University of Dallas, and a B.A. in marketing from the University of Texas at Arlington.


Debra's deepest passions are in leadership, engagement and culture, and talent development.

George Larocque


Georgethe Principal Analyst and Founder of #HRWins  has more than 25 years in the HR technology industry. A former practitioner in talent acquisition, talent management, and HR, George has helped launch and advise some of the market’s largest brands.


He is the author and publisher for several reports on workforce trends and technology. George helps businesses understand the trends that are impacting their workforces and provides HR service providers with a unique perspective on their customers.


Topics: HR, Career Path

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