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New Massachusetts Paid Leave Regulations Released

Newly released paid leave regulations will soon make waves with Bay State residents and employers alike.

Last year, Massachusetts lawmakers signed off on one of the country's most generous paid family leave laws. But while the program’s benefits won’t be available until 2021, the first employer requirements take effect this summer.  


Decision 2018: What Ballot Measures Will Impact HR?

This November, voters across the country will weigh in on 154 ballot measures covering everything from renewable energy to election policies. While not all of these measures will impact HR, some could mean big changes for the industry. Minimum wage increases, marijuana legalization, and transgender rights are three issues that could affect office life and your company policies. Here are the three major 2018 ballot issues that could affect the workplace.


Massachusetts Passes Historic Minimum Wage, Paid Leave Law

Move over, California. With a flurry of legislative activity last month, Massachusetts has joined the select few states with both a $15 minimum wage and paid family leave program.


MA Enacts Sweeping Equal Pay Reform

With an unprecedented new equal pay law, most Massachusetts employers will have to change the way they interview job candidates.


Mass. Senate Passes Equal Pay Act Amendments, House Still Deciding

The Massachusetts House of Representatives is currently reviewing a bill to amend the state’s Equal Pay Act. This bill was recently passed by the state senate. The changes to the Equal Pay Act would prohibit employers from screening applicants based on prior wage or salary history, as well as would ban the employer from obtaining this data directly from current or former employers without written authorization from the applicant. The proposed changes would also ban employers from prohibiting employee discussions surrounding wage-related information.