Namely CEO Larry Dunivan's Thoughts The Morning After Election Day

As a CEO, it's always difficult to know what to say on a day like today. I wanted to share my communication to our employees this morning more broadly in hopes that it will help others put the day in some kind of sensible context.

Read what I sent to Namely employees below: 

"Welcome to the Morning After, Namely!

As I am sure everyone knows, the winner of the presidential election is still unclear. What resonates strongly for me is the degree to which our society is so deeply divided. I know that I contemplated many outcomes, and I’d hoped for a clearer mandate on what the American people want from their President (frankly, regardless of outcome).

What’s encouraging to me is that our voting process was peaceful, efficient and effective. While certain challenges are inevitable given how tight the margins of victory are, I am confident that our democratic process of elections is working and doing so with a high level of confidence regardless of your political preference. There is a small chance we will know the outcome today, but I suspect that until Pennsylvania is counted (which will likely take until Friday) we won’t see either candidate concede defeat.

For today, I’m doing my best to celebrate that our democratic process, so far, is working flawlessly. If that continues, I’m ready to accept the will of the people and hope (pray) that our next President will acknowledge the divide in our country and work to bridge it. Join me if you’re so inclined.

Don’t forget about the resources available to you today if you need support such as a chat with a counselor (through our EAP) or a mediation session (on Peerfit). Take the time you need today to breathe deeply and let the process that’s served us well for more than 200 years continue to guide us to the best place for our country." 

Read more about Larry's thoughts on voting and the 2020 election here. Or click here to read about how to uphold company culture and leadership during a crisis. 

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