Namely’s 2022 Wrapped: Top HR Events

Namely’s 2022 Wrapped: Top HR Events

Before we ring in 2023, we decided to reflect on the past year and release Namely’s 2022 Wrapped!

Inspired by Spotify Wrapped, we’ve compiled a list of our top HR blog posts, events, social posts, and library content from 2022. Next up on our series, here were our most popular events this past year:

1. The Great Opportunity in Reframing the Great Resignation with Blueboard & Bravely

To discuss how we can reframe the Great Resignation as an opportunity for exploration and a chance to build better workplaces, we partnered with workplace experts from Blueboard, Bravely, and the #HRSocialHour Half Hour Podcast. During the conversation, our speakers walked through key questions that HR professionals can ask themselves to better understand their employee needs. They also explored what we can learn from the Great Resignation that can propel improvements in workplace culture. Finally, they shared best practices that went beyond pay bumps and cash bonuses to help build employee satisfaction. In case you missed it, here is our recap blog post and here is the webinar’s recording.

2. Responding Empathetically to Social Crises in the Workforce with Culture Amp

From the crisis in Ukraine to the overturning of Roe v. Wade, employers like Snapchat and Netflix (as well as Culture Amp & Namely) took a public stance several times in 2022 to support their workforce.

Namely’s former CEO, Larry Dunivan, joined Culture Amp’s Head of Regional Director of People Science, Hannah Wilken, earlier this year to share tips on how leaders can respond appropriately and quickly to employees' concerns in times of crisis. To find out what their advice was, click here to read our recap blog post and here to watch the webinar’s recording.

3. Building a Powerful Legacy with Stephanie Chung

As part of Namely’s 2022 SpeakHer Mind series, our Chair of Board of Directors, Elisa Steele, was joined by Wheels Up’s Chief Growth Officer, Stephanie Chung. As a trusted advisor, keynote speaker, and business growth leader with over 30 years of experience in the aviation sector, Chung discussed how she has forged a unique path of her own and built a legacy that elevates others. During one of our most inspirational SpeakHer Mind events of the year, Chung took attendees on a journey of self-discovery, embracing your individuality, and trusting the power that lies within. To watch the webinar’s recording, click here.

4. Delivering Effective Feedback in One on One Meetings with 15Five, Blueboard, & Pyn

Feedback plays a critical part in employee engagement, performance, and ultimately, retention. In fact, companies that invest in regular employee feedback have almost 15 percent lower turnover rates than ones that don’t. To discuss examples of effective vs. ineffective feedback and specifically how managers can create a psychologically safe space for their direct reports to provide feedback in one on one meetings, we joined forces with 15Five, Blueboard, and Pyn. Whether you’re a manager, employee, or HR professional, the webinar focused on how we can all build a feedback culture together. To learn more about the webinar, click here to read our recap blog post and here to watch the recording.

5. Namely Connections

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Namely client? We gave attendees an inside peek at our Namely Connections event. To kick off the webinar, the Head of People Operations at MacStadium, Chrissy Tirazona, walked attendees through her company's transition to Namely and experience since then. Afterwards, Namely’s Senior Manager of Client Service, Sara Grant, chatted with attendees about our service model and explained how our team partners with clients to make both their implementation and overall experience smooth. Then, we wrapped the event up with a quick product demo and live Q&A. Click here to watch the recording!

At Namely, we build our webinar program around having the most relevant and buzz-worthy HR conversations. What topics would you like to see us cover in our webinars next year? 

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