Namely’s 2022 Wrapped: Top HR Blog Posts

Namely’s 2022 Wrapped: Top HR Blog Posts

Before we ring in 2023, we decided to reflect on the past year and release Namely’s 2022 Wrapped!

Inspired by Spotify Wrapped, we’ve compiled a list of our top HR blog posts, events, social posts, and library content from 2022. To kick off our series, here were our most popular blog posts this past year:

1. What Happens When Payday Falls on a Holiday or Weekend?

With over 114,000 views in 2022, our top blog post of the year proves that payroll cycles are complex. Whether you pay your employees biweekly, monthly, or semimonthly, this post breaks down what to do if payday falls on a public holiday or weekend.

2. How to Build a Virtual Onboarding Program

As many companies continued to hire remote employees in 2022, it’s no surprise that virtual onboarding was still a hot topic. To help HR teams build a successful program and start remote new hire’s off on the right foot, we shared these tips.

3. 15 Office Birthday Ideas to Celebrate Employees

Since the daily workplace looks a lot different than it did pre-COVID, companies who have returned to the office have had no choice but to get creative with their employee engagement strategies. From hosting a monthly “Cake Day” to sending out personalized notes, our blog post is full of ways you can celebrate employees’ birthdays in the office.

4. 10 Payroll Jokes That Will Make Every Payroll Professional Laugh

As one of our punniest pieces of content from 2022, our list of payroll jokes was a hit! Written by one of Namely’s Associate Product Managers, Zack Jaffe, these jokes are aimed to add laughter to payroll professionals’ days.

5. What HR Can Learn From Spotify

Speaking of Spotify, the final blog post in our 2022 Wrapped is about the streaming service provider. In 2021, Spotify implemented a WFA policy and has seen a ton of success as a result. In this blog post, we took a closer look at why, and what HR teams at other organizations can learn from it.

What will be our top blog posts next year? Stay tuned and click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

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