Namely’s 2022 Wrapped: Top Library Content

Namely’s 2022 Wrapped: Top Library Content

Before we ring in 2023, we decided to reflect on the past year and release Namely’s 2022 Wrapped!

Inspired by Spotify Wrapped, we’ve compiled a list of our top HR blog posts, events, social posts, and library content from 2022. To “wrap up” our series, here were the most popular pieces of content in our library this past year:

1. HR Calendar

As our most downloaded piece of content year over year, it was no surprise that our HR calendar was a hit again in 2022! From special occasions like “National Coffee Day” to important compliance deadlines, the calendar features all of the key dates HR professionals need to know. To ring in the new year without dropping the ball, check out our 2023 HR calendar.

2. Employee Retention Strategies for 2022

Since the impacts of the Great Resignation still lingered throughout 2022, employee retention was top of mind for HR teams. To help employers retain top talent in a competitive job market, we published a guide to explore how to hire candidates who will stick around and keep them engaged throughout the employee lifecycle. As HR teams prepare for 2023, we released an updated version to help them retain employees in the new year.

3HR's Guide to Supporting Employee Mental Health

The pandemic shined light on a topic that was previously considered taboo to discuss in the workplace: mental health. In 2022, employees’ mental health and wellbeing continued to be a priority for HR teams. To help them support their workforce and build a culture around wellness, we released this guide.

4. The Compliance Resources You Need for 2022

As old laws changed and new bills were signed into law, the fight to stay compliant was more challenging in 2022 than ever before. To help HR teams not only keep up, but get ahead, we shared the top compliance blogs, guides, tools, and events. Looking ahead into 2023, we released an updated version of our guide to help you stay compliant in the new year.

5. How to Build a Women's Leadership Development Program

Knowing that Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Accessibility (DEIBA) would continue to be a priority for HR teams in 2022, we published this guide on how to build a women’s leadership development program. From finding a leader to setting goals and measuring the results, the guide covers the steps you need to take in order to launch a successful program at your organization.

What will be the top pieces of content in our library next year? Stay tuned and click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

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