Labor Law Posters 2018

We would all like to think of the future of HR as paperless. That said, there are a few “paperbound” habits that aren’t going anywhere. Need an example? Look no further than your office break-room, where you’ll likely find a designated wall covered in compliance posters.

It sounds antiquated, but “it’s the law”—as some of the posters garishly display. The federal government requires businesses to display a number of posters within their workplace, summarizing employee rights under laws like the Fair Labor Standards Act and Family Medical Leave Act. In many cases, these “postings,” as they’re called in the industry, have to meet specific size, placement, and even language requirements. In other words, you can’t just hide them behind a fern or watercooler to comply.

Tracking down which notices you need to display can be a paper chase. To make it easy, we’ve put together the eight mandatory posters applicable to most employers, all in one place. As a bonus we’ve included a full overview of each, including print size requirements, placement rules, and more. Download the free toolkit below.

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