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AI in HR: Balancing Automation and Human Touch

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, and that certainly includes AI in HR technology. According to Gartner research, 81% of HR leaders have implemented or at least explored AI solutions.

Without question, AI in HR is a valuable tool that can save employers time and money, while improving efficiency and decision-making. Chances are, you’re already using some AI in your HR software, whether or not you see it as such.

But while AI will play an increasingly vital role in the future of HR, it is simply a tool, not a replacement for the human touch. As its use becomes more widespread, it’s up to employee-centric HR teams to maintain that essential balance.

The Rise of AI Tools for HR

HR software providers continue to discover new ways to employ AI. For many understaffed, overcommitted human resources teams, these AI tools for HR are especially promising:

Using AI to Improve Recruitment

AI-powered recruiting tools can quickly search through vast online databases and social media platforms to identify promising candidates, providing an edge in tight job markets. It can be used to evaluate resumes objectively, identify the most qualified candidates, and then correspond with them—say, via chatbots—to move the hiring process forward.

Employing AI to Enhance Engagement

Employers can use AI-driven pulse surveys to collect real-time feedback from employees, and then analyze it, identifying workforce concerns, emerging trends, and areas of improvement. In addition, generative AI tools can be employed to generate content to share with employees, enhancing communication.

Leveraging AI for HR Analytics

AI algorithms can easily process large volumes of HR data and provide insights into productivity-related metrics as well as hiring and turnover trends. It can measure an employer’s progress toward achieving its DEI goals while forecasting future staffing needs. In fact, one of the most powerful AI tools for HR is helping to ensure that decision-making is data driven.

Applying AI to Talent Development

AI can also be used as a powerful talent development tool. AI-powered skill assessments can be used to evaluate employee skills and competencies, factor in their career goals, and then recommend personalized learning and development paths. In addition, AI-based performance feedback can offer real-time direction and coaching, adding depth to the input provided by their managers.

Optimizing AI for HR Software

It’s likely that many of the automated processes in your current HR technology already rely on artificial intelligence. For AI in HR examples, look no further than the chatbots and virtual assistants that guide workers through your self-service portal or your automated onboarding process. AI is also used to help ensure compliance and maintain HR data security, although we rarely think about it in those terms.

Will HR Be Replaced By AI?

Admittedly, the concept of robots taking over mankind makes for great entertainment—à la sci-fi novels and movies (Terminator and The Matrix, anyone?). However, when it comes to managing real live human beings, there’s no replacement for the empathy and emotional intelligence that employee-centric HR teams add to the equation.

Yes, AI is an invaluable HR tool—particularly when it comes to automating repetitive tasks, crunching vast amounts of data, and minimizing bias in decision-making processes. But it remains a tool—one wielded by us—and is no substitute for caring, thoughtful HR professionals.

Balancing Automation and the Human Touch in HR

Without question, AI is threaded through the future of HR technology, and employers need to stay abreast of it to leverage it fully. You can count on Namely to keep you up-to-speed on HR software developments—while keeping the “human” in “human resources.”

For a deeper dive into the role of advanced technology in the recruiting space, read our companion blog, How AI is Transforming Talent Acquisition.

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