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Host a Virtual Job Fair & Attract the Right Candidates

Recruiters are constantly on the lookout for new talent that will add value to their organizations. There are many methods recruiters use to try to attract top talent, but one of the best ways to meet potential candidates face-to-face is at job fairs.

However, given the pandemic, in-person job fairs have been put on hold. But does that mean job fairs are a thing of the past? Not quite.

Instead of traditional job fairs, companies are shifting towards virtual ones. Also referred to as digital recruitment events, virtual job fairs are the perfect opportunity for job seekers to connect and network with potential employers from anywhere.

Since the entire event takes place online, job seekers from across the world can attend. For many companies, this enables them to reach a geographically and culturally diverse pool of candidates. Online job fairs are also more cost-effective for companies to host than physical ones.

While virtual job fairs sound like a no-brainer in this new remote world, they can be unsuccessful if not organized correctly. To help you attract the right candidates and host a seamless event, here are 5 steps you should take:

1. Create an action plan

Like any other event, virtual job fairs require strategic planning. Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • How many open roles do you currently have?
  • How many attendees will you be expecting?
  • When are you looking to host the job fair?
  • Will you be partnering with any other companies? 
  • How many internal employees will you need to involve?
  • Do you want any sponsors? 

After listing the resources you’ll need, set a budget with a breakdown of costs. Then clearly explain each employee’s role and plan a timeline so that everyone is on the same page. This will make the execution phase much more efficient.

2. Select the right hosting platform

Before moving forward, you’ll need to decide which hosting platform to use for the event. There are a variety of online meeting tools out there, like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. Some platforms, like Handshake, are specifically designed to host virtual job fairs.

Many hosting platforms offer interactive tools like chat rooms and live streams. Some may even have other job fair features, like places for candidates to upload their resumes and cover letters. By doing your research and evaluating different tools, you can determine what platform is the best fit for you.

3. Create attractive digital booths

Similar to physical job fairs, virtual ones can have booths that enable attendees to interact with your employees and learn more about your company.

The look of your virtual booths depends greatly on the hosting platform you choose and the capabilities it has. To showcase your company culture, you could use your booth to upload employee testimonial videos, virtual office tours, and photos of your employees at company outings.

Ideally, booths that are visually pleasing and easy to navigate are more likely to attract candidates and motivate them to explore your company further.

4. Market through the right channels

Having a solid marketing strategy for your virtual job fair can help you attract the right candidates. Consider advertising the event on social media, your company blog, email newsletters, paid advertisements, and high-traffic job portals. If you’re looking to hire recent graduates, partner with colleges and ask them to promote your job fair on their bulletins and websites.

5. Interact with candidates

To keep attendees engaged from the start, it’s important to communicate with them leading up to the job fair. As soon as candidates register for the event, reach out to them and send them preparation tips. Ask them what open positions they’re interested in and consider connecting candidates who stand out to hiring managers prior to the event.

You should also follow up with your candidates right after the event. Send them thank you emails for attending and ask for feedback on their overall experience. This will help you understand where you can improve so that you can host even more successful virtual job fairs in the future.

Even in a post-COVID world, companies will continue to host virtual job fairs and recruit candidates online. Check out our recent blog post to learn how else you can kick off your online recruitment process.

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