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Automate Employee Anniversary Gifts with RG Integrate

Employees love having work anniversaries recognized, making it a crucial part of any employee engagement program. For many employee experience and HR managers, recognizing work anniversaries is a manual process—but this traditional approach no longer has to be the only option.

What’s made it possible to automate this task? A Namely integration under the umbrella of Tango Card’s new product: RG Integrate.

Automating Reward & Incentive Programs with RG Integrate

Built on the Workato platform, RG Integrate makes it possible to automate reward and incentive programs without relying on in-house developer resources. You can build automations yourself within Workato or engage Tango Card to deliver a solution that seamlessly integrates digital gift cards with the 1,000+ popular software and web apps in the Workato directory—including Namely.

Send Employee Anniversary Gift Cards Automatically

With our out-of-the-box Namely integration, Namely users can automate employee anniversary gifts, saving time while boosting employee morale. The integration does so by automatically sending an e-gift card to employees on the work anniversary that’s recorded for them in Namely. 

The process is simple. Every 24 hours, the Tango Card API searches your defined parameters in Namely. Any employees who meet the parameters are then sent an e-gift card. Our customization options let you determine the value of the gift card as well as the email template on which it’s sent. 

With this integration, employee anniversary gifts are just the beginning. You can automate employee rewards for any workplace milestone with an associated calendar date—like a birthday, hire date, or start date. 

How We’re Using the Integration at Tango Card

Here at Tango Card, we’re not just offering a Namely integration, we’re using it, too. Our employee experience team uses it to reward employees—and they’re pleased with the results.

“This is an integration I’ve wanted for a long time,” explains Becky Hathaway, Tango Card’s Director of Employee Experience. “Before having it, I relied on calendar reminders to send work anniversary rewards to employees—it was a very manual, unruly process. There was a period of time where I also tried sending monthly work-anniversary gifts, but it wasn’t a great employee experience because they weren’t receiving the rewards on their actual anniversary. Now that we have the integration, I have it set up so that on the morning of an employee’s anniversary, they receive a $50 Reward Link at 7am. For many employees, it’s the first thing they see when they open their email, which is our goal.”

Set Parameters to Keep Your Workflow Moving

The integration also comes with the ability to set a warning notice if funds are getting low. “When funds drop below a certain point, you can set up an email trigger that gives you a heads-up,” explains Becky. This helps to ensure you never miss an anniversary due to insufficient funds.

Email to learn how to automate employee gifts and more with RG Integrate. 

About Tango Card

Tango Card is the leader in fulfilling digital rewards and incentives. We bundle easy-to-use technology, great rewards, and expert service to help companies achieve desired business results and get the most out of their rewards programs. With headquarters in Seattle and offices in Boise and Omaha, our Rewards Genius® self-serve dashboard, RaaS® API, and reward delivery platform support thousands of enterprise clients in the United States and globally. For more information, visit

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