Announcing Namely’s Integration With Hire by Google

Hiring the right people and giving them a seamless onboarding experience is hard. From finding the best talent to gathering employee information, things can get hectic—especially if your talent acquisition software isn’t connected to your HR system of record.

We’ve partnered with Hire by Google, a recruiting app built for organizations using G Suite, to help companies accelerate the employee onboarding experience. Our new, real-time integration benefits multiple departments, including your HR, recruiting, and IT teams.

Starting today, shared Hire and Namely clients will be able to:

  • Save time by automatically transferring a new hire’s contact information from Hire and creating a new employee record in Namely. That eliminates the need for both the HR admin and employee to spend “day one” manually entering data between two platforms.

  • Instantly track job applicant data changes in Hire. Google’s advanced API makes it possible for updates to feed into Namely in real-time, ensuring you always have the latest data on record.


In the coming months, Namely and Google will release an even deeper integration—allowing you to automate access to the Google Cloud applications new hires need to get the job done. That same functionality will carry through even beyond onboarding, meaning access can be provisioned or removed as employees get promoted, change roles, or leave the company.

We’re thrilled to add Hire by Google to our growing list of partners. To learn about some of our other exciting integrations, click here.

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