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7 Jokes to Get You Through Open Enrollment

Forget winter—open enrollment is coming. And no matter how much you’ve planned and prepared for it, for many HR and employee benefits pros, it’s still a hectic, stressful event.

This is why we’re pleased to share our top open enrollment jokes. After all, there’s nothing like a good (or awful) open enrollment meme or riddle to lighten the load—whether they make you smile or groan.

Q: Why is Halloween the spookiest day of the year for HR?

A: Because once it’s over, open enrollment begins!  

Q: Why do HR professionals serve dried fruit during open enrollment meetings?

A: Because their goal is raisin’ awareness.

Q: Why did the HR manager burn herbs during open enrollment?

A: To ensure that employees received sage advice.

Q: Which animal is the best at keeping enrollment data confidential?

A: The HIPAApotatmus, of course!

Q: Why doesn’t Santa hold open enrollment at the North Pole?

A: Because his workers are all sELF-employed.

Q: Which employees can see into the future after completing open enrollment?

A: The ones who elect Vision.

Q: What’s so great about open enrollment?

A: Everybody benefits!

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Yes, open enrollment is coming—but you’ve got this, and Namely is here to help.

If you have a great open enrollment joke or meme, please share it with us. And for a few more smiles, read 10 Fun Facts about Open Enrollment.

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