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In an ideal world, the “golden rule” would be more than enough to get by in the workplace. Unfortunately, no office is perfect. That’s where your HR team comes in.

Company policies aren’t just arbitrary rules sent down from above. They’re important tools HR can use to influence culture and keep employees engaged. To start, there are obvious examples. Your rules around employee telecommuting tangibly impact how individuals work together on a day-to-day basis. But something as seemingly trivial as a pet policy makes an impact, too. While dog-friendly offices have been shown to be more collaborative, they also tend to resemble scrappy startups. Depending on your employer brand, that last point could be a good or bad thing.

Whether you’re putting together your first company handbook or looking to revise a specific policy, we’ve compiled everything you need to know. Want to start an unlimited or flexible time off policy? Our guide walks you through the process. Looking to revise your company dress code? We’ll help you make sure employees are dressed to the nine-to-fives.

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