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How Wellness Benefits Support Recruiting Efforts

Attracting top talent begins with a strong employee benefits package that captures the attention of candidates during the recruiting process. To show their company’s commitment to supporting employees in the workplace, HR teams must craft creative and attractive benefits offerings that include wellness programs. Job seekers want to work for employers who see their value and are willing to invest in their health and happiness.

So how exactly can wellness benefits help with your recruiting efforts? 

Let’s take a closer look.

It's a Candidate-Driven Job Market

In a post-COVID world, the competition will continue heating up for the most skilled employees—which means it’ll be a candidate-driven job market. Research shows that hiring manager’s biggest concern right now is losing their best people. 

The war for top talent makes it vital for employers to offer benefits that employees are looking for. Since health and wellness is top of mind for employees, employers need to offer benefits that support their mental health and work-life balance, like fitness programs or telehealth. This will not only help companies attract high-performance candidates but will also help retain them.

Candidates Want to Work for a Company That Cares

Creating a culture that is centered around the wellbeing of employees leads to better relationships with them. Research shows that ensuring employees feel cared for has a large impact on a company’s sustainability.

Effective communication around wellness benefits will help employees stay informed and connected to the organization. HR teams can highlight wellness programs as part of the overall company culture during the recruiting and onboarding process. From job postings and the company career portal to benefits marketing brochures and the employee handbook, wellness programs can take center stage in recruitment and new hire communications. To emphasize the success of these programs, you can feature employee testimonials on your company’s website and social media channels.

Employees Can Promote Wellness

Of course promoting wellness in the workplace starts with your HR team, but it doesn’t end there. Employees can promote better health, too. “Healthy Lunch Fridays” or “Walking Lunches” are great examples of employee-generated ideas that inspire others to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Incorporate these ideas into the hiring process through engaging employees who actively participate in the company’s wellness programs. As an organization, allowing motivated employees to get together with new hires and lead makes it easier for you to step in and assist where needed, while giving employees the flexibility to take the initiative.

From attracting top talent to retaining employees, offering wellness benefits is a win-win for everyone. To learn more about how you can support your employees’ mental health and wellness, check out our latest guide.

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