4 Ways COVID-19 Has Impacted Hiring in the Tech Industry

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live our lives—especially when it comes to how we work. From virtual meetings to flexible schedules and work from home policies, COVID-19 has drastically transformed the daily workplace.

Some industries, like tourism and aviation, have been especially impacted by COVID-19. But contrary to what some might believe, the tech industry hasn’t been immune to the socio-economic effects of COVID-19 either. Just like other businesses, tech companies are also struggling to adjust to remote work and keep employees motivated during this time.

Now, as many tech companies start to lift their hiring freezes, they’re tasked with new challenges. So what will recruitment look like in a post-COVID world?

Here are 4 ways the pandemic has impacted hiring in the tech industry:

The Industry Landscape is Changing

Due to COVID-19, tech companies across the country have had to slow down and let some of their employees go. Because of this, many senior developers have become active candidates for the first time since the start of their careers—which has made the tech talent market more dynamic than ever before.

With that said, startup layoffs have leveled off over the summer and remain flat. According to the Dice Q2 Tech Job Report, employers started to post job openings again in June—which means that they are regaining confidence in their companies’ futures.

More Job Experience is Less Risky

With more experienced workers looking for employment, recent college grads and interns may be struggling to land jobs in fields like cybersecurity, infrastructure, and IT. Hiring an inexperienced developer over a seasoned veteran could be “risky”—and “risk” is a very expensive word during these uncertain times.

In addition, remote work could be creating a slightly harsher hiring climate. As employees work from home, employers are starting to value soft skills like teamwork, personal responsibility, and time management more than ever before. Since these skills are developed through years of experience, hiring managers may be reluctant to offer positions to inexperienced applicants.

Networking is Done Virtually

With COVID-19 travel bans and social distancing restrictions, employers are beginning to source candidates in new ways. Networking events that are usually in person, like job fairs, conferences, and hackathons, are now being held online. 

Although virtual events are not the same without physical booths and face-to-face networking, these events are still beneficial for both candidates and employers. Having a virtual booth allows you to show applicants more information easily through online content, like videos and employee testimonials.

Hosting a virtual event also allows you to reach candidates from all over. If you’re hiring for remote positions, a virtual event can be the perfect opportunity to interact with potential applicants across the country. Some companies are now introducing virtual hackathons and organizing online conferences to maximize the sourcing potential of these remote events.

Interviews are Held Online

As companies start to hire again, the interview process has become completely virtual. By using video conferencing tools, you can interview applicants from all over. Sending candidates online coding tests as part of the interview process also enables you to assess their skills.

To simplify virtual recruitment, more and more tech companies are starting to implement recruiting solutions. In fact, 78 percent of HR professionals believe that recruiting software improves their hiring process. To take it a step further, Namely’s recruiting software seamlessly transitions candidates to new hires and immediately kicks off their onboarding process.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, candidates’ expectations for potential employers have shifted. From remote working opportunities to additional healthcare options, check out these 4 benefits candidates will be looking for in a post-COVID world.

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