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HR’s Guide to Leadership Succession Planning

Senior leaders are critical in any organization. So what happens when they leave? A recent leadership shakeup at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) brought this question into full focus. When top-level leaders come on board, companies hope they will go the distance. However, we know this isn’t always the case—especially in high-growth companies where needs are ever-changing.


How to Implement Career Lattices

Corporate ladders are out; career lattices are in. This is probably not news to you—Cathy Benko, Vice Chairman and Managing Principal at Deloitte, popularized the idea in her 2010 book, The Corporate Lattice: Achieving High Performance In the Changing World of Work.


6 Workforce Planning Tips for New Managers and Leaders

Operations and leadership teams use workforce planning to identify and address gaps between the workforce of today and the needs of tomorrow. 


How HR and Finance Can Increase Employee Retention

The field of human resources is changing. In our HR Redefined series, we give innovators a medium to share personal reflections, professional advice, and best practice guidance.