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What ‘Gen Z’ Employees Really Want

With unemployment at historic lows, it’s never been harder to hire top talent. In response, recruiters and HR professionals alike have all reached for “game changing” perks to seal the deal, like unlimited vacation, free beer, or even nap pods. We’ve been told that employees value different things based on their age—baby boomers want stability and millennials need flexibility, or so the stereotypes go.


6 Tips for Avoiding Hiring Bias

When it comes to hiring top talent, we want to believe we give everyone a fair chance and choose the most qualified candidates. But what if our judgments aren’t as fair as we think they are?


Connecticut Bans Salary History Questions

If you’re wondering what the HR compliance trend of the year is, look no further than salary history bans. With a law passed by Connecticut lawmakers this month, the Nutmeg State is set to join the fast-growing list of jurisdictions that have made salary history off-limits during job interviews.


Include These Five People in Your Interview Lineups

Improving candidate experience has quickly become a top priority for HR and recruiting teams across industries. Onsite interviews play a big part in leaving candidates with a lasting impression, so it’s important to give them a positive glimpse of what it’s like to work for your company.

IMHRO: HR Should NOT Use Social Media to Influence Personnel Decisions

Namely’s series, In My HR Opinion, brings you honest takes on the hottest HR topics and trends, straight from industry leaders.


Should HR Use Social Media in Hiring and Firing Decisions?

The digital world has led to widespread uncertainty about what information is considered private or public. From Facebook’s use of personal information, to the woman who was fired for flipping off the presidential motorcade, what was once considered off-limits information is now having its moment in the public eye.

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NJ Set to Enact Sweeping Equal Pay Law

The gender pay gap might have just met its match. With a new governor at the reins, Garden State lawmakers have taken unprecedented steps to bolster their state’s equal pay laws.

Download Your Job Description Template

The U.S. unemployment rate currently sits at 4.1 percent—the lowest it’s been in decades. While that’s good news for most workers, HR teams are less enthused. Because it’s never been harder for organizations to bring in talent, recruiters have turned to lures like sign-on bonuses and outlandish office perks. While those help, it might be time to go back to basics: the job description.


Equal Pay Update: Where Are Salary History Questions Illegal?

Lawmakers nationwide are looking to make salary history questions, well, history.


Here’s What Gen Z Means for the Future of Work

Generation Z—although they may not want you to call them that—is about to replace millennials as the next culture shock to the workplace. Comprised of the 60 million individuals born between 1998 and 2016, Generation Z has been molded by the 2007 economic recession and the expansion of technology into every facet of modern life.