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Pay Equity

Product Update: Pay Equity Benchmarking and New Analytics Dashboards

Employees are the heart of your company—they help shape your culture, drive innovation, and contribute to the business’ overall success.

That’s why people decisions matter and why you need data to make the right call. Namely’s mission is to empower HR teams to make those decisions with confidence. With a series of product updates this month, we’re following through on that promise.


Anatomy of a Benchmark

Namely recently launched our Benchmarking Package to clients, an offering which provides quarterly reports of company-specific insights with tailored benchmark data layered directly on top. Never before has it been so easy for mid-sized companies to understand the health of their talent compared to other companies just like them.


Namely Releases New People Analytics Offering

Everyone wants to know how their company stacks up, especially HR. With unemployment at historic lows, the race to attract and retain talent has never been more competitive.

Looking for an edge? The Namely team is thrilled to announce our new Benchmarking Package, empowering you to gain deeper insight into employee turnover, internal mobility, diversity, and more—all presented alongside data from companies just like yours. As part of the offering, Namely clients receive a tailor-made quarterly report on the state of their business.

Want to repurpose the quarterly report for your next board presentation? That’s the idea. It’s like having an entire team of data scientists at your disposal, even if you’re just an HR team of one.


Introducing Namely’s New Voluntary Worksite Benefits Offering

As summer draws to a close, HR professionals across the country are preparing for open enrollment. Top-notch benefits have become more important than ever to attract and retain top talent. In our recent open enrollment survey, Namely found that the vast majority of employees would give up novel perks for better benefits. However, most employees don’t want to pay higher premiums. So how can you provide high quality, affordable plans? Namely has teamed up with major insurance carriers to help companies do just that.

Product Update: 401K Administration, Mobile Paystubs, and More

Work is evolving. Companies are global, employees are mobile, and data has never been more important. To stay relevant, HR technology needs to keep up.

Product Update: Namely Launches Expanded eSignature

Put the paper and quill away—21st century HR is paperless. With a recent product update, Namely has extended electronic signature functionality across the entire platform.

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Product Update: Namely Launches Updated Mobile App

Just in time for the iPhone X, Namely has launched Version 3.3.1 of its iOS mobile app. This latest version takes full advantage of the new features unique to iOS 11. You’ll notice a handful of improvements designed to bring your workforce even closer together. Read on to learn what’s new.

Product Update: Benefits, Time, and More

So much for summer being slow—with a series of product enhancements, this quarter has shaped up to be one of the biggest in Namely’s history. Our team delivered significant updates across every facet of the platform, from payroll to time management, all with a singular focus in mind: empowering HR teams to move their business and people forward.

Namely Achieves Privacy Shield Self-Certification

Managing HR, payroll, and benefits is a highly strategic and complex task. Doing it well requires a wealth of data, which is why our cloud-based platform puts all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Namely Introduces Managed Services

People are the heart of every successful business. They’re the ones who come up with innovative ideas, act as strategic thinkers, and work tirelessly to take businesses to the next level.