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5 Tips for Building a Robust Benefits Package

Benefits fall among the top line items of any employer budget—up next to payroll and real estate. Plus, your benefits package can be a huge driver of company culture, recruiting, and acquisition. 76% of employees say that benefits are a very important factor in deciding whether or not they accept a job. At a time when attracting and retaining employees is harder than ever, a strong benefits package can be a powerful tool to help you along the way.  

Cooking Up a Benefits Plan

The field of human resources is changing. In our HR Redefined series, we give innovators a medium to share personal reflections, professional advice, and best practice guidance.


INFOGRAPHIC: What Benefits Make for a Complete Compensation Package?

Employees have spoken, and a paycheck alone just won’t cut it anymore. Today’s top talent demands total when it comes to total compensation, and that includes salary, a rewarding culture that celebrates success, and—you guessed it—top-of-the-line benefits.


Do You Offer the Right Employee Perks?

Employee perks at a startup—snack rooms, ping pong tables, or napping pods—are a wonderful cliché second only to the Steve Jobs poster hanging in the developers’ lounge. Stereotypical as some perks may be, their cultural impact cannot be underestimated. Snack rooms are, in reality, close-quarter conversation starters, and happy hours turn into unexpected strategy sessions.

7 Perks Employees Really Want

We know this to be true: Happy employees produce better customer service, more quality work, and overall are more productive-- eventually leading to higher company profits.