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New York Set to Require ‘Predictive’ Scheduling

For better or worse, work is anything but predictable. New York is looking to change that.

Are Employees Due Extra Pay on Holidays?

While working at the office this Thanksgiving might spare you from dinner table drama, does it also entitle you to extra compensation?

How to Switch an Employee from Salaried to Hourly

As the old saying goes, change is hard. That’s especially true when it comes to payroll, and changing between the country’s two most popular pay types: salary and hourly. Let’s walk through the process of reclassifying your employees.

IRS Releases 2018 Contribution Limits

Another year, another set of contribution limits for payroll professionals to memorize. Earlier this month, the IRS published new limits for a number of pretax employee benefits.

What is Wage Garnishment?

Simply put, a wage garnishment is a legal agreement that allows a debt to be paid back through an employee’s wages. While garnishments are taken from employees, they impact employers as well.

2018 Social Security Tax Rules Announced

Payroll professionals, take note—the Social Security Administration (SSA) recently announced new rules that impact how Social Security taxes should be processed in 2018.

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FUTA Credit Reduction Notices

On a stormy night in November 2010, most Connecticut businesses received a tax notice. The notices continued to arrive every November for the next 5 years and then mysteriously stopped. Similar notices were reported in Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Vermont, and many other states.

What were these mysterious notices, affecting over half 

Lunch Breaks: Federal and State Rules

Here’s some food for thought: survey data shows that nearly a third of U.S. workers skip lunch. Of those that actually do take a meal break, 34 percent eat at their desk. Though much has been made about Americans’ apparent “failure to lunch,” what do employment laws have to say on the matter?

4 Ways to Calculate Commission

Salespeople are a different breed of worker, and that’s particularly true when it comes to running their payroll. In addition to a base salary, most individuals in the profession might be paid what’s called commission, or an amount directly tied to the amount or value of a sale they’ve made.

Employee Bonuses 101

There is a lot to be aware of when it comes to bonuses. From who receives them to who signs the check, it’s important to establish a standard process that clearly outlines each and every step along the way. Small HR teams have a lot on their plate already, so bonus season can seem even more time consuming and chaotic. To help, we’ve compiled four essential elements to consider when setting up a bonus system.