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Oregon Passes Nation's Most Generous Paid Leave Law

With the number of paid leave laws passed in recent years, you’d be forgiven for thinking the passage of another would hardly be newsworthy. Consider this an exception.

Earlier this month, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed off on the country’s most generous paid family leave program. Both houses of the state’s Democratic-leaning legislature voted overwhelmingly in favor of the proposal before it made it to Brown’s desk. The news makes Oregon the eighth state to offer paid family leave benefits.


Oregon Signs “Predictable Scheduling” Law

On your way to work, you receive a call from your boss: “Business is slow, don’t bother coming in today.”


Oregon Bans Salary History Questions

Asking job applicants about salary history will soon be a thing of the past in Oregon.

Portland Seeks to Limit CEO Pay

One city is making the fight against income inequality personal.