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Defining Working Motherhood

In this HR for Humans story, Laurie Aquilante—a Senior Manager of Marketing at HubSpot—reflects on her first months as a working mom. For more stories at the intersection of work and life, follow @namely_hr. You can also submit your stories here.


When a Company Feels Like Family

We believe HR has the power to improve people’s lives. It’s why we take an employee-centric approach to building our platform and why we find this employee's story so powerful.


Q&A with Nick Sanchez, Namely's Chief People Officer

Nick Sanchez, the new Chief People Officer at Namely, found an introduction to the power of human resources in a place you might not expect—the Olive Garden Restaurant. During his time studying at UCLA and working there, it was the first time he truly understood that working conditions, career mobility, perks, and so much more were largely influenced by the restaurant’s leaders and HR team. “This was my true introduction to the concepts of occupational psychology and HR,” he says.


How CSD & Namely Are Making Work Better for the Deaf

Many organizations and HR departments consider “diversity and inclusion” a point of improvement in their own workforces—a pillar of strategic HR to be improved and achieved. And then some organizations have diversity and inclusion built right into their products and services, and therefore the DNA of their org.


How TSheets Empowered Culture With HR Tech

It’s tricky to describe the company culture at TSheets—the fast-growing time tracking software startup—because frankly, it’s pretty unique. The company, now over 120 employees, has doubled business for each of the past three years—but that’s where the Silicon Valley stereotype starts to fade. TSheets is based in the heart of Idaho, and a can of PBR labeled with the TSheets company values awaits every new hire. They’re a tech company with high software standards—who also enjoy heading out to see professional bull riding.


How Magnetic Simplified Employee Benefits and Saved Money with Namely

Every mid-size company reaches a certain number of employees where they can’t help but have HR on the brain—nailing employee benefits strategy, improving payroll process, and better managing the performance of each employee. But imagine the pressure of those initiatives now doubled: two companies coming together with two separate payroll systems, two separate benefits strategies, and two employee populations now performing together.

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Introducing Engage Namely: Namely's Very First Hackathon!

How do you spot a truly engaged employee? Just keep an eye out for the engineer who brings a sleeping bag and tent to the office because he’s so excited to work on his project all night.