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In Defense of HR: Demystifying Common HR Stereotypes

From “the complaint department” to “the principal’s office,” HR has been subject to the full gamut of buzzkill stereotypes. However, modern HR is working diligently to break down those misconceptions one by one, as they strive to build a workplace that motivates, rewards, and advances employees.


It’s Time for a New Approach to Workplace Substance Abuse

Substance abuse in the workplace is an age-old challenge in all industries, not to mention mine. According to one report, the construction industry has the second highest rate of heavy alcohol consumption and substance abuse overall. The high-pressure environment and extended hours typical in construction only exacerbate the problem.


How a Life-Changing Diagnosis Taught Me to Open up at Work

In this HR for Humans story, Olivia Small, an office coordinator at Namely, shares her struggle dealing with a life-changing diagnosis and how she learned to depend on her team. For more stories at the intersection of work and life, follow @namely_hr on Instagram. You can also submit your stories here.


Why I (Finally) Accepted a Promotion to HR Director

Last year, Shayleen Stuto shared how she turned down a director-level promotion at TechnologyAdvice because she felt her experience didn’t measure up to the senior title. After two years, and a significant expansion of her role and responsibilities, Stuto decided she was ready to accept a new title. Here’s her story:


11 HR Influencers You Need to Follow

In the HR profession, it pays to keep good company. Whether you need to “phone a friend” about a workplace curveball or just want to exchange tips and tricks, maintaining a strong professional network can make all the difference in your career.

Don’t know who to connect with first? We’ll help you get started. Below we’ve highlighted some of our favorite HR influencers, their areas of expertise, and where you can find them online.


Brewing Up a Career: Managing HR in the Beer Industry

Fort Point Beer Company is a San Francisco-based craft brewery offering five year-round beers and a rotating selection of seasonal and specialty beers. Now boasting a full-scale brewery, distribution center, and tap room, Fort Point has grown tremendously since it was founded in 2014. Fort Point’s director of HR and finance, Rafi Bortnick, joined the company when it only had 25 employees. Now, his hands are full keeping up with almost 150 employees, all while balancing his HR and finance responsibilities.

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How Work Helped Me Stay Positive After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis


In this HR for Humans story, Quiana Davidson—Senior Payroll Operations Specialist at Namely—shares how she navigated a breast cancer diagnosis while continuing her work at Namely.


Why a Culture of Acceptance Matters

In this HR for Humans story, David Braun—a Product Advisor at Namely—shares how working in a culture of acceptance has made all the difference. For more stories at the intersection of work and life, follow @namely_hr. You can also submit your stories here.

HRScholarship_ Sanders

Meet Namely’s 2018 HR Scholarship Winners: William Sanders

After our judges pored through dozens of compelling applications, we’re thrilled to introduce this year’s Namely HR Scholarship recipients! Each one comes from an entirely unique location, company, and background.


Meet Namely’s 2018 HR Scholarship Grand Prize Winner

After our judges pored through dozens of compelling applications, we’re proud to announce the Namely HR Scholarship grand prize winner, Ashley Valenzuela-Ruesgen! Ashley is an HR “team of one” and her company’s very first HR professional. She single-handedly implemented a human resource information system (HRIS), created a “Construction Over Coffee” employee relations program, wrote the employee handbook, and developed a community scholarship—all in her first 11 months at the company.