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The 4 Metrics to Gauge Employee Performance

A company is only as good as the talent behind it. Consistently and accurately evaluating and measuring employee performance is essential not only to individual success, but also to the overall success of an organization.


Why Stay Interviews Are the New Exit Interviews

As an HR professional, you probably know that communication is one of your most powerful tools. From an employee’s first day, it’s your job to facilitate an environment in which he or she can thrive. When employees do choose to leave the company, exit interviews often shed light on what went wrong. But why wait until employees are already out the door to ask those questions?


How to Predict Employee Turnover

Have you ever been blindsided by a top performer’s resignation? Omer Aziz, Chief HR Officer at FlightNetwork, may have cracked the code to predicting employee turnover. Inspired by solutions presented at Namely’s 2017 Redefine Live Hackathon, Aziz created his own method for determining when employees may be looking for a change.