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4 Ways to Optimize Your Hiring Strategy

As the end of the year approaches, there are two things on everyone’s mind: making it to the holidays and new year planning. Regardless of what department you’re in, a large part of that planning involves bringing in new talent to get the job done.


3 Quick and Easy Ways to Build Your Employer Brand

Today's job market is more competitive than ever before. With more job openings than candidates to fill them, candidates can be more discerning about where they choose to work.


5 Reasons to Make Your Employee Handbook Public

In 2016, Lauren Melton joined Ellevation Education as the Vice President of People Operations. As the company’s first HR hire, she worked closely with the CEO to develop an employer brand strategy. “We used to joke that we’re the best company to work for that no one has ever heard of,” says Lauren. So, when she suggested building out Ellevation’s employer brand presence, she had full leadership buy-in. To start, Lauren worked with her team to develop a thorough and redesigned employee handbook and then did the unusual—published it on the company website.


6 Design Ideas to Create an Inspiring Work Environment

Employees spend 40+ hours a week at work, and they want enjoy that time as much as possible. Office design often falls on the shoulders of the HR team, and it can be a core driver of company culture and employee engagement. Updating and improving the office can improve employee quality of life, help attract employees, and keep them engaged.


5 Benefits of Social Media in the Workplace

It’s no secret that employees use social media during the workday. What might be surprising is just how much it’s used. 


Why Candidate Experience is More Important Than Ever

When it came to hiring, the employer used to have the upper hand. However, with unemployment at a record low, there are now more job openings than candidates to fill them. Employers feel pressure to offer the most enticing combination of compensation, benefits, and company culture to attract (and retain) top talent. As a result, the candidate experience is more important than ever. 

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7 Employees Share Why Company Values Matter

At Namely’s recent summer celebration, employees from all over the country came together to volunteer and celebrate the year’s achievements. As part of the festivities, employees were asked to nominate colleagues who live our core values and shape the Namely community. Our company values center around the simple idea that drives everything we do—BE HUMAN:


How to Design Better Workplace Posters

In a world consumed by communication, it can be challenging to get a message out that sticks. Emails get lost in inboxes, lengthy descriptions are skimmed, and anything on paper is destined to be damaged or lost altogether. Workplace posters are a tried and true—and often mandatory—means of communicating important information to your workforce, so it’s important that they are eye-catching.


7 Reasons to Prioritize Employer Branding This Year

We’ve all heard the “employer branding” buzzword. But what does it actually mean?


How to Build an Effective Summer Internship Program

Summer is right around the corner, which means college students across the country are laser-focused on locking down an internship. When done right, internship programs can be an enriching experience for both interns and your company. Plus, they can be an invaluable way to build your company’s brand amongst future top talent.