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12 Ways to Engage Employees through Recognition

When it comes to managers and employee recognition, there are those who do it well, those who want to do it and don’t know how, and those who think it doesn’t matter. The latter two groups usually fall into one of these schools of thought:

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Is Listening the Key to Employee Engagement?

Are you really listening to your employees?

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The Guide to Choosing an LMS

Empowering employees to succeed is a top priority for HR. So how do you provide employees with the information they need to be as successful as possible?

How to Get the Most From Employee Survey Data

Employee surveys are a powerful tool to help in employee engagement efforts. In fact, 95 percent of organizations defined as “engaged,” in a survey conducted by Quantum Workplace, use annual employee surveys, compared with 45 percent in disengaged organizations.

Active Enrollment Helps You Provide the Best Benefits

Open enrollment may be one of the more hectic times of the year for HR professionals. Data must be collected, plans must be set up, employees must make a choice, and it all is coordinated by a single department, sometimes a single person. The lasting effects put it at the top of many HR professionals’ priority lists—right next to offering the best benefits.


The Key to Employee Engagement Is Easier Than You Think

Brace yourself: It’s time to discuss one theme in human resources that causes many to shudder—if not from anxiety than perhaps sheer buzzwordyness. Employee engagement.

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You Might Be Hiring for Culture Fit All Wrong

At Lever, we believe building and maintaining a great company culture starts with who you hire. But hiring for culture is really hard, especially in a competitive talent marketplace. By the time a company decides they want to fill a role, it’s easy to understand the temptation to overlook culture fit and simply hire the first person with the right set of hard skills.


Does Your Organization Have a Strong Learning Culture?

When it comes to technology and today’s working world, it seems the only constant is rapid change. Adaptability plays a larger role in a successful workforce than ever before. When your employees embrace learning and sharing that knowledge with their department, your whole company will be able to handle the unpredictable variable in your industry—and stay ahead of the curve.

To Engage Employees, Focus on Their Strengths

One of my favorite things about joining Namely has been the opportunity to use my natural strengths in communication, providing input, and learning. Traditional management theory teaches us that we should focus on an employee’s weaknesses and make them stronger. While that is important for overall job performance and task orientation, it’s simply not an effective way to motivate employees in the long run. 

Burnout Isn't Exclusive to Amazon. Here Are the Values You Need.

Now that the fiery reaction towards Amazon’s working culture has tamed—at least just a bit—it’s time we turn inward for a little bit of self-reflection. Why did the controversy over Bezos and his company grab our collective attention so tightly, when flawed company cultures are hardly rare in Silicon Valley or elsewhere? Sure, some of the examples offered by employees exposed grave workplace issues. But any company, from the 20-person startup to the publicly traded, is familiar with the pressure of showcasing strong results from constant company growth. Burnout can come knocking at anyone’s door.