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14 Ways to Recognize Employees at Year-End

With the holidays around the corner, presents and vacation are top of mind for children and adults alike. However, tasked with planning a company celebration, HR may not be as excited as the rest.


Why These Employees are Thankful for HR

HR is not an easy job. From payroll crises to bringing employees together, no two days are ever the same. Though HR is not the complaint department, it can often feel that way when employees approach HR with more problems than positive feedback.


Here’s How One HR Leader Gives Back

CEO and Co-Founder of Aptitude Research Partners, Mollie Lombardi has a wealth of experience in the HR industry. In 2015, she created HR Gives Back (HRGB) to raise awareness and donations for those impacted by Parkinson’s disease.


7 HR Podcasts to Download Right Now

The rise of self-taught HR practitioners has brought about a wealth of resources for HR professionals at any career stage. From newsletters to online communities, there’s no shortage of opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the field. As podcasts become increasingly popular, HR professionals have yet another channel to access thought leadership around people management, leadership, and business.


How to Support Mental Wellness at Work

From job interviews to performance reviews, it often feels like employees are expected to be “perfect” at work. The workplace has traditionally been an environment where flaws are masked and images of professionalism abound.


Employees Want Better Healthcare, Not More Perks

Every company wishes it could offer its employees the total package. With unemployment down and the job-seeker to open position ratio nearly 1:1, attracting and retaining talent has never been harder. In addition to robust, affordable coverage, it’s believed that today’s employees expect perks—lots of them, from catered lunches to office meditation programs to everything in between.

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HR’s Guide to Dealing With Office Smells

Work stinks. From rotten eggs to boozy breath, the modern day workplace can be full of unpleasant and sometimes disconcerting aromas. Naturally, your HR department is the first stop for employees looking to air their grievances (and hopefully not much else).


4 Ways to Keep Your Company Culture at Every Stage of Growth

What do companies like SeatGeek, Metromile, and Entelo all have in common? Aside from being named to Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work 2017, they all have that signature startup culture so many larger companies try to replicate. You know the one: trendy offices, catered lunches, and weekly happy hours.


12 Ways to Engage Employees through Recognition

When it comes to managers and employee recognition, there are those who do it well, those who want to do it and don’t know how, and those who think it doesn’t matter. The latter two groups usually fall into one of these schools of thought:

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Is Listening the Key to Employee Engagement?

Are you really listening to your employees?