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Supreme Court: Employers Can Ban Class-Action Lawsuits

A contentious Supreme Court decision earlier this week has employers and employees taking sides. In a narrow 5-4 ruling, the court ruled that businesses could limit workers’ ability to file class action lawsuits against them. The decision involved three cases where companies required employees to sign arbitration clauses as part of their contracts.


Amid Uncertainty, DOL Delays Overtime Changes Until 2019

Businesses looking for closure on overtime will need to wait a bit longer. In an announcement last week, the Department of Labor (DOL) revealed that it was planning to unveil its proposed changes to overtime rules in January 2019.


New Jersey Passes Paid Sick Leave Law

New Jersey workers will soon be eligible for fully paid sick leave. On May 2, Governor Phil Murphy signed Bill A1827, which will allow employees to accrue employer-paid sick leave throughout the year.


IRS Reverses HSA Maximum Update

Call it a case of benefits compliance whiplash. For the second time this year, the IRS has updated rules covering how Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) should be managed.


5 Ways to Track Employee Hours

Where does the time go? When it comes to managing HR and payroll, losing track of time is never a good thing. Accurately recording employee hours consistently ranks as one of the most stubborn compliance changes companies face.


4 Reasons to Consider Leaving Your PEO after Employee #50

Change is scary. For growing companies with threadbare HR teams, the thought of leaving a PEO might cause cold sweats. It doesn’t have to.

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Have Union Workers? Remember These Do’s and Don’ts


Can’t we all just get along? The relationship between HR teams and unions hasn’t always been cordial. But considering that both have employees’ best interests in mind, why shouldn’t it be?


HR’s Guide to OSHA Regulations

You know the drill: safety first. Whether you work on a manufacturing floor or in a cubicle, the workplace is full of potential hazards. Enter the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, better known as OSHA, the federal agency responsible for enforcing workplace safety rules.


4 HR Challenges Faced by Nonprofits

It takes a special kind of person to join a nonprofit—and an even rarer breed to handle HR for one. Whether you work at a charity, museum, church, or any of the other purpose-driven organizations that make up the sector, there are several nuances your people team needs to be aware of.


NJ Set to Enact Sweeping Equal Pay Law

The gender pay gap might have just met its match. With a new governor at the reins, Garden State lawmakers have taken unprecedented steps to bolster their state’s equal pay laws.