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NJ Set to Enact Sweeping Equal Pay Law

The gender pay gap might have just met its match. With a new governor at the reins, Garden State lawmakers have taken unprecedented steps to bolster their state’s equal pay laws.

Bed Bugs and Beyond: Dealing With Office Infestations

Does work give you that creepy, crawly feeling? For many of us, perks like free coffee and office snacks make the office feel like a second home. For mice, cockroaches, and other common pests, they make it a paradise. So how can HR teams best handle situations where your uninvited guests are of the four or six legged sort?

Your Guide to NY Paid Family Leave

When it comes to paid family leave, the Empire State offers the king of all programs. Unfortunately, navigating its ins-and-outs can sometimes pose a real challenge.

Equal Pay Update: Where Are Salary History Questions Illegal?

Lawmakers nationwide are looking to make salary history questions, well, history.

Key Q2 Dates For HR

April has arrived. It’s that transitional month when you both can’t believe how fast Q1 flew by, yet don’t understand how it’s been the longest winter in history. Thankfully, the second quarter of the year includes the start of summer and conference season. Situated after the ups and downs of tax season and before the craze of open enrollment, it’s tempting to relax a bit during Q2. However, there are some key dates to keep in mind before the busy season picks back up.

3 Overlooked Workplace Safety Concerns

No one wants to put the health of their employees at risk—but far too often, safety falls on the back burner due to lack of time or resources.

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Is 2018 the Busiest Tax Year Ever?

If you thought tax reform was tough on your team, just imagine how the IRS feels.

8 Things HR Needs to Know in a Growing Company

High growth impacts a business on many fronts. For HR, a growing workforce means new considerations pop up every day, from compliance to company culture. Last week, as part of our local event series, Namely compliance gurus Andy Przystanski and Manuel Martinez-Herrera joined forces with Senior HR Manager at Outdoor Voices, Laxmi Shetty for a candid conversation in Austin, Texas.

NYC Proposal Would Make After-Hours Emails Illegal

Work-life balance could go from an employment “nice to have” to compliance necessity in the Big Apple. Following France’s lead, New York City lawmakers are considering a proposal that would make it illegal for private businesses to require workers to check their email after hours.

5 Expert Tips for Preventing Workplace Bullying & Harassment

As a consultant who works with companies on culture change, I often get calls from organizations after the culture has already gone out the window. The work environment has become aggressive and ugly, and employees certainly aren’t engaged or thriving.