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10 Reasons to Build Your Career In...Atlanta

At Namely, our mission is to help companies build better workplaces. Where you choose to work has a tremendous impact on your life. In our 10 Reasons series, we take a look at what it’s like to work in major cities across the U.S.


How to Start an HR Peer Group

Network, network, network. We’ve all heard that tried-and-true business advice, regardless of department or industry. However, returning from a conference with handfuls of business cards is not always indicative of success.


Introducing... The HR Job Title Generator

There’s no denying it, HR professionals are starting to think outside of the box when it comes to job titles. HR often gets a bad rap as “the Principal’s office” or “the fun police,” but creative titles are helping to rebrand HR professionals as the heroes they are.


HR Manager Ranks in Top 5 Best Jobs in America

You already know that we think HR pros are among the best and brightest, but a new report from Glassdoor just validated our fandom with hard data. The report ranks the 50 best jobs in America based on number of open roles, salary, and overall job satisfaction rating.


How to Get SHRM-Certified

It’s always back-to-school season for professionals looking to bolster their HR credentials.

job hop

Should HR Professionals Job Hop?

This year we learned that millennials aren’t the only ones job hopping, which implies that employees are seeing career benefits to moving around. But what about HR professionals? Considering that the role of an HR practitioner is to attract, engage, and retain employees, it may seem counterintuitive that job hopping can in fact be advantageous for HR professionals themselves.

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Why Growing Companies Need HR in the C-Suite

Companies bring in HR personnel at varying stages of growth. Why does the timing matter? Look no further than companies like Uber and Thinx, which faced public backlash for their difficulty maintaining a sustainable company culture at scale. Entry and mid-level HR professionals ensure that payroll is running, employees have ample benefits, and there is someone to go to with questions, but senior HR leadership can help push HR strategy far beyond the basics.


How I Went from Soccer Pro to the HR Industry

In this HR for Humans story, Kevin Dzierzawski—a Sales Development Representative at Namely—reflects on his major career shift. For more stories at the intersection of work and life, follow @namely_hr. You can also submit your stories here.


Want to Advance Your Career? Step Outside the HR Bubble

Beware the HR bubble. Particularly when you’re on a small team, it can be easy to get caught up in the thick of payroll, benefits, and recruitment initiatives and lose sight of the big picture. Not only do employees need to see their HR representatives as a present and active part of the team, HR professionals can do wonders for their own careers by stepping out of the confines of their office to see the full functioning company in action.


HR Certifications: SHRM vs. HRCI

Considering that many HR practitioners fall into the field, pursuing an HR certification can be a great way to prove expertise in the industry. But is getting certified worth it? And which one should you pursue? Many senior HR professionals have received certification from the major players: the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the HR Certification Institute (HRCI).