3 Tips for Improving the Manager-Employee Relationship

3 Tips for Improving the Manager-Employee Relationship

A company is a holistic ecosystem—and the relationship between a manager and their employees is one of the most critical to operating a smooth, successful business.

So, what do managers need to do in order to have effective, high-performing teams?

In case you’re not sure, here are 3 tips:

Help Employees Prioritize

One of a manager’s main roles is helping their employees prioritize, and we often talk about prioritization in terms of a list of priorities. But the origin of the word ‘priority’ is singular. When everything is a priority, nothing is. 

When thinking about prioritization as a manager, ask yourself: “What is our rally cry? What is our singular focus that we can all get behind to create that clarity and alignment for what the business needs?” 

When you have that clear North Star, you can spend the additional time and energy usually spent on ticking off tasks to work on things like having career growth conversations. 

When interacting with employees, managers should discuss what’s on the plates of their directs. Help them focus, prioritize, and, most importantly, deprioritze. Think about what doesn't align with that rally cry. Managers can, and should, be that tiebreaker to help create that separation between what is a priority and what isn’t.

Ask for Feedback

Check in with your employees and ask how they’re feeling about the business or current project they’re working on, determining if there are any roadblocks or challenges you can help with. This can be done directly through conducting one-on-one meetings or implementing engagement surveys. 

Connecting with your employees on a deeper level and getting their feedback on company processes creates an environment of inclusion and belonging. Allowing them to participate in making important business decisions gives them a sense of ownership in their work.

Lead by Example

Perhaps the most important way to make sure your employees are happy, healthy, and likely to stay at your company is to just be flexible and honest. Make sure your employees know that they don’t always have to be available, that they can take time off, and that their personal lives are valued. But HR and managers have to lead by example. This means signing off at a normal hour, taking PTO, not emailing on weekends, taking breaks during the day, being honest about appointments/leaving early, and just bringing your real, authentic self to work every day.

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