An employee works from home on their laptop because of COVID-19 with their dog nearby

Survey: How is Your Company Dealing with COVID-19?

In just a few weeks, COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we approach and do business. Workplaces are transitioning to being fully remote, non-essential business travel is suspended, events and conferences have been put on pause, and stores and businesses are being forced to close their doors—every day seems to bring more news and challenges.

Under normal circumstances, keeping employees connected, engaged, and productive is no small task. But even in these uncertain times, the HR department has the unique opportunity to rise up and establish themselves as workplace changemakers. 

Afterall, if there ever was a department built to handle workplace change—it’s HR. 

That said, we want to hear from you. How is your workplace handling coronavirus? What initiatives or policies have proved successful? What challenges or concerns are you still figuring out how to tackle?

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