How to Observe Veterans Day Virtually

How to Observe Veterans Day Virtually

Every year, we dedicate Veterans Day to honor the men and women who risk their lives to serve our country. Whether you have many employees who served or just a few, Veterans Day is a holiday that everyone should take a moment to recognize.

Here are 5 ways to observe Veterans Day virtually:

1. Spotlight the Veterans at Your Company

A perfect way to observe Veterans Day is by honoring the veterans at your company. Of course, make sure they are comfortable with being recognized publicly first. If they are, you can honor them by showing them gratitude in a company-wide meeting, featuring them in an employee spotlight series, or hosting a virtual event where they can share their stories and experiences with the rest of your organization. 

2. Offer a Veteran Discount

Consider offering the veterans at your organization a discount on your products or services. This discount can be valid on Veterans Day, during the month of November, or even all year round.

3. Show Appreciation to Local Veterans

Whether it’s handwritten thank you cards from all of your employees, flower arrangements, or a delicious meal, sending residents of a local veteran’s home something special can show them your company’s appreciation.

4. Dedicate a Moment of Silence

On Veterans Day, encourage employees to take a moment of silence for the men and women who have lost their lives fighting for our country. Consider blocking off five minutes on their calendars or hosting a company-wide meeting in the morning to do so together.

5. Give to Charity

To give back and show appreciation, your company can donate to a charitable organization. From Home For Our Troops and the Gary Sinise Foundation to Freedom Service Dogs of America, there are several amazing nonprofits dedicated to helping veterans that you can choose from.

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