Namely + Mineral: The Ultimate Compliance Solution

Namely + Mineral: The Ultimate Compliance Solution

If you’re having trouble keeping track of regulations in multiple states, deciphering legalese, or finding time to draft new policies–you’re not alone. Companies everywhere are experiencing an explosion of new, complex, and often-changing compliance requirements.

Last year, Namely clients reported:

  • 120 percent increase in remote workers
  • 42 percent increase in tax filings
  • 38 percent increase in # of states
  • 10.6 percentage point increase in voluntary attrition

This means you’re navigating remote workforce management, expanding the states you’re operating in, and hiring during the Great Resignation–all while staying on top of your typical day-to-day initiatives like improving employee engagement and running payroll.

That’s why Namely and Mineral partnered as your trusted advocate for risk mitigation to help you manage new workplace challenges with confidence. Namely and Mineral released an enhanced platform designed to simplify compliance, avoid costly penalties, and better support mid-sized companies in these times where the only constant is change.

What to Expect

Improved Accessibility

Mineral’s new, intuitive interface makes it easy to search and access thousands of resources and HR tools to help you navigate any challenge that comes your way.

Mineral-Improved Accessibility

Increased Customization

Personalize your dashboard to display what’s most important to you and your company. The platform also triggers proactive law alerts tailored to your business, so you’re never left in the dark about important updates.

Mineral-Increased Customization

Additional Support

With Mineral’s new comprehensive support model, you can take your pick from online chat, Live Advisors, email technical support, and the Help Center.

Mineral-Additional Support

Namely’s HR Compliance Solution

Save time and become the compliance expert in your organization with Namely’s robust solution that includes:

  • Unlimited access to live HR advisors
  • Learning management system with 300+ courses
  • Proactive state and federal law alerts
  • Compliance calendar to keep you one step ahead
  • Compliance library with thousands of resources
  • HR assessment to help identify HR and compliance gaps
  • Form and policy templates to give you a head start
  • OSHA case creation, logs, and reporting
  • Job description builder to save you time
  • Salary comparison tool to keep you competitive in the talent market
  • Dynamic handbook that grows with your business 
  • Anonymous reporting to empower employees to report concerns

Mineral-Namely’s HR Compliance Solution1

Mineral-Namely’s HR Compliance Solution2

Looking to level up your risk mitigation strategy? Learn more about Namely’s compliance solutions here.

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