Namely Employees Give Back For Gratitude Month

During the month of November, people across the country reflect on what they’re grateful for. To recognize National Gratitude Month last year, Namely’s HR team selected 5 employees every week of November to receive a grant to donate to a charity of their choice via Bright Funds. This year, Namely made that into a company tradition.

To encourage employees to give thanks to one another, our HR team randomly chose 5 people who had been appreciated on the Namely news feed each week of November again as winners.

In just one month, 100 employees were appreciated by their coworkers on the Namely news feed. As promised, Namely gave 20 of those employees each a charitable grant. 

So where did Namely’s Gratitude Month winners give back to?

Here are 5 organizations that Namely employees donated to during this year’s season of giving:

Hispanic Alliance For Career Enhancement

Hispanic Alliance For Career Enhancement is a non-profit that assists Latino professionals with employment, personal and professional development, and other opportunities to develop their careers. As a latin woman, my minority demographic has the largest pay disparity gap, which can be frustrating at times. Making this donation empowers me to feel that I can do SOMETHING to contribute to spreading awareness. In turn, hopefully someday the pay gap with my minority group and others will no longer be part of our workforce culture in the U.S.” — Harmony Campos, Benefits Analyst

Eleventh Hour Rescue

“My kids helped choose Eleventh Hour Rescue as we have adopted animals from there and volunteered our time to their cause of saving animals.“ — Stew Maldonado, Sr. Manager, Payroll Tax

Islamic Relief USA

"Islamic Relief USA is a non-profit organization I have been donating to on a monthly basis since I was 16. They find areas that are in need of food, shelter, education, and medical care, and use the donations to fund them. I was also able to sponsor a child in Yemen who lost his father, and his mother is ill. My monthly sponsorship donations go towards his medical care, education, and clothing. They provided me with a picture and updates regarding this child. I highly recommend this organization.” — Maha Mojaddidi, People Operations Associate

The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation

“As an advocate for mental health awareness, I want to help break the stigma surrounding it and support improvements in understanding, preventing, and treating mental illnesses. The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation is committed to alleviating the suffering caused by mental illness by awarding grants that will lead to advances and breakthroughs in scientific research. My hope is that these advancements will provide lasting, sustainable, cures; create a happier, healthier mind; and promote better quality of life.” — Indira Totaram, Senior Marketing Associate, Communications & Events


“The reason I chose the ASPCA is because I have a close connection with this foundation as it is where I adopted one of my cats. The ASPCA often drives a truck with kittens around my neighborhood as well as other places throughout the boroughs, and during one visit, I was able to find my little furbaby, Tofu. She's been my best friend since, and because of the amazing work done by the ASPCA, I was able to adopt her the same day I met her with all of her shots and her spaying already done.” — Keila Ortiz, Office Coordinator

Giving back is one of the many ways organizations can establish a strong company culture and connect employees to positive core values. To learn more about developing a company culture that aligns with your values, check out our blog post.

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