HR Compliance Trends to Watch in 2017

“All politics is local,” the old saying goes. When it comes to keeping up with changes to regulations and HR compliance, that point hits particularly close to home.

In Namely’s new report, HR Compliance Trends to Watch in 2017, we provide HR professionals with a full compliance roadmap, covering topics like overtime pay, paid leave, and gender pay equity. We’ve paid particular attention to the state and local level—that’s where we believe most of your potential headaches will come from.

We know what you’re thinking: after last year’s historic presidential election, why would we focus on local, not federal compliance? In between President Trump’s planned rollback of new regulations and his appointment of conservative leadership at the Department of Labor (DOL), the prospects for significant changes at the federal level are at an all-time low.

That new reality has some state and local lawmakers fired up. Leaders in blue states like New York and California have only redoubled their efforts toward labor reforms, sending a defiant message to Washington: “If you won’t act, we will.”

If you’re a multistate or city employer, HR compliance is about to get a whole lot more complicated. To find out what you need to know about 2017’s compliance trends, download our full (and free!) report here: 

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